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Grilled Gambas Dinner in Zurich and Coffee at the Limmatquai

My flight back to Amsterdam was scheduled for the evening, so I decided to have an early dinner in the city, my last meal in Zurich during my visit two autumns ago.

Alfresco dinner in Hirschenplatz.

I was eyeing to have dinner in the Niederdorf part of the Old Town. Earlier in the day I walked around in the area and discovered several nice places. I thought Hirschenplatz would a great candidate for a memorable last night dinner location. The square is always busy and is flanked with restaurants with outdoor seating areas. Very promising.

The weather has only been perfect since the day I arrived so I was looking forward to eating outdoors and do some people watching. It’s my last hours in the city, so I’d like to have a relaxing and enjoyable dinner.

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So I did come back to Hirschenplatz but I could not decide which restaurant to choose. My first choice would have been a local restaurant offering Swiss cuisine but the traditional restaurant on the corner of the square that has a cow sculpture on its balcony was quite full of tourists. There is another restaurant on the other side of the square that looked favourable but then I noticed the less busy restaurant beside it. It’s an Italian pizza place called ‘La Piazza Grande Restaurant Pizzeria’ and it has a nice outdoor location.

I quickly scanned the menu and saw the grilled gambas with grilled seasonal vegetables. Aha, I hit the jackpot! This is my kind of dinner =)

So I settled in one of the tables facing the square. I thought I had a good view.

To go with the grilled seafood and vegetables, I ordered an Aperol spritz drink, which is a popular (aperitif/cocktail) drink in this part of Europe. It has been popular in the Netherlands as well since the last 2 years. Although the last time I ordered this drink in a group in Amsterdam, people were like – What is that you are having?

A memorable grilled gambas dinner in Zurich Old Town with the trio vegetable combination (courgette, aubergine, and paprika).

Outdoor terrace of the La Piazza Grande Restaurant Pizzeria.

When the grilled gambas arrived, I was very much elated. Being a pizza restaurant, I had very low expectations of their delivery, especially in the aesthetic presentation of the dish part. But that didn’t stop there. The succulent and meaty gambas were simply delicious, seasoned well and grilled perfectly that even the skin didn’t go to waste. Pairing it with the typically Italian grilled vegetable trio – aubergine, courgette, and paprika was just divine. I could not have asked for a better dinner like this on my last night in Zurich.

For coffee, I decided to proceed to the Limmatquai which is just around the corner from Hirschenplatz.

Motta Cafe at the Limmatquai promenade.

The Limmatquai is a famous spot for many locals along the river, a busy promenade during good weather days. There are cafes with outdoor terraces and guests can sit here for hours looking at the trams passing by and the stone wall ruins of the Lindenhof hill across the Limmat river. It’s a great place to people watch and while away time.

Luckily I managed to get a free table at Motta and ordered my dessert (ice cream) and espresso. I have precisely another hour to kill time before I take the tram and jump on a train to the airport. Good life.

The Lindenhof Hill just across the Limmatquai.

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Zurich Old Town, Switzerland

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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