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Zurich Old Town: City - Lindenhof Quarter

Or also known as Kreis 1 locally. It is the other half of the historical old town of Zurich.

One of the cafes on Glockengasse.

This is Augustinergasse.

The Old Town of Zurich is divided into two parts, the Niederdorf Quarter that lies on the eastern side of the Limmat river and the City-Lindenhof Quarter, on the western side where the Zurich hbf (railway station) is located.

I earlier wrote and posted a few pictures of our visit to the Lindenhofplatz, a small hill with a park on top with great views over Niederdorf.

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Taken from the Munsterbrucke bridge with my view to the Limmatquai, the Rathaus and the Niederdorf Quarter. I was walking towards Lindenhof here.

On my last day in Zurich, I spent a few hours in the afternoon walking around the cobbled-stone alleys and streets in the City and Lindenhof Quarter instinctively. It was my first time to really experience the city on foot without having to rush. I have been here before but never had the chance to explore the city up close and personal. So I took my time to explore. I inspected window displays of the many charming shops and stared languidly at the architectural details of the facade of the buildings. I also took pictures of the street scenes and observed people, the locals, tourists and business travellers.

It's quite therapeutic to watch the daily life scene from the distance you know.

Zurich is pretty. The City-Lindenhof Quarter is indeed a pretty area of Zurich, but there is something about the city that does not make you dream about her and scream wow. That feeling that you are in for an adventure, well, sadly, is somewhat lacking.

The city is nothing like Paris, London or Amsterdam. Those cities will get you intoxicated and over the moon, like a lover staging you for a one-night unforgettable whirlwind affair. Zurich, on the other hand, is in a different league. She is more proper, stable and low-key, someone you can bring home and introduce to mom. If you know what I mean.

Hmm, perhaps because everything else in Zurich is pricey? Too limiting I guess?

The bell tower of the Fraumunster Church.

This is District 1 (Kreis 1) or the Old Town. The left side of the Limmat rive is the City and Lindenhof Quarter. The right side is the Niederdorf Quarter.

I did manage to visit the Fraumunster Church which was founded in 853 AD by King Ludwig as a nunnery. The church faces the other big church, the Grossmunster. The famous works of art in the Fraumunster is its windows in stained glass by Swiss artist, Augusto Giacometti in the northern transept and Russian-French artist, Marc Chagall in the southern transept. I cannot decide which stained glass art I liked best but Chagall's was brighter.

There is information available inside the church about Giacometti and Chagall's works.

The day before, I visited the Zurich police station which has a stunning lobby with vaulted ceilings decorated with paintings of Giacometti. Must visit when in Zurich but make sure you bring your passport for identification and access to the establishment.

The Munsterhof, an open square in fromt of the Fraumunster Church.

Hans Waldmann monument on the square just beside the Fraumunster and the only souvenir photo I have inside the church.

Munsterhof town square.

Just walking around this part of Zurich Old Town is enough to experience the feel of the place. However, I have a list here below of the interesting spots to check out:

  • Munzplatz
  • Paradeplatz
  • Zughusplatz
  • Weinplatz
  • Lindenhof (park and observation deck on the hill)
  • Schipfe
  • Bahnhofstrasse for shopping
  • Augustinergasse (nice street!)
  • Glockengasse (nice street intersection)
  • Around the area of St. Peter's Church
  • Munsterhof and around the Fraumunster Church
  • Strehlgasse

Hopefully, you'll enjoy the rest of the pictures!

On Waaggasse near Zughusplatz.

St. Peter's Church.

The charming fountain on Munzplatz.

Zeughauskeller Restaurant, a typically traditional Swiss beerhall and cellar restaurant in a 15th century old building.

Pretty Augustinergasse and Munzplatz.

Bear door handles =)

One of the beautiful buildings on Glockengasse.

If I had more time, I would have had lunch or dinner here at  the Haus zur Glocke Restaurant.

Views to Limmatquai and Niederdorf from Schipfe.

Schipfe area just under Lindenhof on the Limmat river.

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Zurich Old Town (Altstadt), Switzerland

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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