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Panorama Photo Gallery of Gulangyu Island and Xiamen City Skyline

These panorama pictures of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gulangyu Island, and Xiamen City skyline and coastline were taken from the top of Sunlight Rock.

Panorama view of Xiamen City from the top of Sunlight Rock in Gulangyu Island.

Gulangyu's rooftops.

I have wanted to post these pictures as part of my next entry about Sunlight Rock, but because there were just too many pictures, and of course, I want to post all of them, I have decided to split them.

The views from the top of the rock are spectacular. The terracotta rooftops in downtown Gulangyu represent the colonial past of Xiamen. Mansions in Victorian-style architecture, some of which are restored to their former glory, while many are still left in a considerable state of deterioration.

Across the straits are the Siming coastline and the ever-changing skyline of Xiamen city. Give it another 5 years and Xiamen will have a much busier skyline I am sure.

The new addition to the skyline is the Twin Towers (Xiamen Shimao Cross-strait Plaza) on the southern end of the coastline. Standing 300-meters each, they are designed like windsurfing rigs or windsails about to sail away to the South China Sea. The Twin Towers has become a landmark of Xiamen.

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The Siming District coastline epitomizes the skyline of Xiamen City.

European architecture mansions in Gulangyu.

Some of these mansions are left in ruins, waiting patiently to be restored.

My souvenir shot.

It took me a while to get my souvenir shot because many tourists were lining up for this particular spot. This picture shows more the reality, haha.

The Shuzhuang Gardens on the eastern part of the island's coastline.

The new and stunning landmark of Xiamen City, the Twin Towers called Xiamen Shimao Cross-straits Plaza which opened in 2015, just a year before my visit.

The beach beside the Shuzhuang Gardens.

Gulangyu red orange rooftops in the busy downtown center.

Travel Period: December 2016
Destination: Gulangyu Island, Xiamen (Fujian), China

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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