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Stopover Stay at Makati Diamond Residences

The other year I spent my new year's celebration in Manila. I went on a holiday with my family in Vietnam end of December and instead of taking the flight from Vietnam to Amsterdam, I decided to go back to the Philippines with them and spend a stopover in Manila.

Buildings view from the hotel room window.

We stayed in Manila only for 1 night, on New Year's Eve. The family flew back to Cebu the next day and moi to Taiwan for another stopover before heading off to Amsterdam. It was a trip with a lot of stopovers and I can’t wait to have another similar trip this year. In fact, I am already looking at options for my stopovers. The choices are endless and I am excited =)

In Manila, we stayed at the Makati Diamond Residences in Makati City. The hotel residence is located beside the Greenbelt entertainment and shopping mall so it was a good location, especially for my mom who is mobility challenged.

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The Wings Transit Lounge in Terminal 3.

We arrived on a red-eye flight from Ho Chi Minh City in Manila just before the break of dawn. As it was very early, my sister and I let the parents sleep for a few hours at the Wings Transit Lounge in Terminal 3 while we hang out in nearby Starbucks. A few hours later, around 10 in the morning, we took the cab to Makati. Read here: Manila Musings from a Taxi

I am very pleased that we were given an early check-in at the Makati Diamond Residences. We really appreciated it. My mom wanted to be near the shops, so this hotel was a very good choice. From the hotel residence, we just crossed the street and voila, we were in Greenbelt mall.

So the family was able to quickly rest and freshen up before going out for lunch in Greenbelt and then shopping and malling in Landmark and Glorietta which didn't last that long because my mom gave up.

Read here our lunch: Mesa Filipino Moderne Lunch at Greenbelt

The hotel is just across Greenbelt 1 on Legazpi Street.

The lobby with very high ceilings.

What I liked best of our suite room was the view of the skyscrapers. Perhaps not as extensive as I would have preferred it to be but the panorama angle is a very good view and representation of the Makati I knew very well in the past. The view, however, has changed, quite drastic from the last time I was working in the city 16 years ago, well, in fact, that would have been 26 years ago when I first set foot working in Makati, in this particular area.

I knew this area (Legazpi Village) very well. My first job was located on Ayala Avenue, just a stone's throw away from Greenbelt. I walked on the streets of this village every day during lunch and after work hours. I was then so very young, a bit naive, but full of dreams, promises to myself and guts.

Just thinking about this makes me feel very rich now. Rich with memories and a lot of unforgettable experiences, good and bad. That’s what life is all about in the end. And of course, having our loved one/s with us on our side.

Love the view and the high ceilings. I used to work in one of the buildings here nearby. My first job in Manila was with a company on Ayala Avenue, not too far away from Greenbelt. 

The hotel residence suite is well equipped, complete with a small kitchen which is very handy if you will be eating indoors. The furnishings were okay, not that lavish, and are modern in design and neutral in color. I liked the big mirror wall that divides the living room and kitchen which created a bigger illusion of space.

Mirrors, by the way, will be a major theme in the new house Dutchman and I bought which is currently being constructed.

The mirror wall between the living room and kitchen.

The parents having a little photo session.

And I quite liked the modern-retro dining chairs. They look sleek. I have seen them in the home boulevards here too. I might consider a similar design for my new dining room.

What we did not realize is that many restaurants were closed for New Year's Eve in Makati.We found this out quite late so we were panicking a bit. Luckily, one of the security guards in Glorietta told us that Hard Rock Cafe is open. It is the only restaurant that is open in the mall. I was aware that restaurants in the hotels were open but we didn't have any plans of eating out. The parents were tired and they wanted to eat in the hotel room.

At Hard Rock Cafe we ordered takeaway. We also managed to shop last minute at the Landmark grocery for drinks and some snacks. The sister and I haven't lived in the Philippines for years, so we tend to gravitate towards these traditional old-time snacks.

It was a close call. We would have gone hungry for New Year's Eve, haha.

Shopping for drinks at the Landmark grocery store (Tanduay assortiment has surprised me!) and takeaway food ordered at the Hard Rock Cafe in Glorietta.

Tanduay Ice - Vodka Lemonade was really nice. Of course, San Mig Light as well =). Buy Filipino.

Grub from Hard Rock Cafe for our New Year's Eve dinner in the hotel. Food was mwah.

I also noticed that there were many locals staying in the hotel residence. Something like a “hotel staycation” fad that is very popular these days. A weekend or overnight trip to a boutique, luxury or resort hotel. It is a new way of quick holidaying. Well, everyone has its own taste and style I guess, huh.

My disappointment though was the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Makati that didn’t push through. I was really looking forward to watching the fireworks. But there was none. In fact, I was deep in sleep and my sis didn’t wake me up when it struck midnight. We didn’t get to toast the new year, so we did it the next day after breakfast.

Why not? Bubbles in the morning, on New Year's Day, haha.

Cheers to a new year! There were no wine glasses in the kitchen cabinet so we settled with these tall drinking glasses. Just perfect.

The hotel has an indoor pool, spa, and gym. The pool, however, does not have a good view. It was also too hot there so we did not stay long.

Breakfast room in the ballroom. Normally, breakfast is held at the Alfred Restaurant on the ground floor but the hotel was fully booked which means they cannot accommodate the number of guests in the restaurant for breakfast, hence the ballroom.

The Alfred Restaurant of Makati Diamond Residences.

Travel Period: December 2016 - January 2017
Destination: Makati, Manila, Philippines

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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