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Street Food Scene on Longtou Road (Dragon Head Road), Gulangyu Island, China

One of the many street vendors on Longtou Road.

Longtou Road or Dragon Head Road is the main commercial street of Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, China. It is basically a network of interconnected streets and alleys. People can find many shops, restaurants, and commercial establishments housed in century-old European-inspired mansions.

Since the whole island is pedestrianized, it is very easy to navigate the area on foot freely. No need to look back for incoming vehicles and pause at crossings and stop lights. Very ideal =)

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This is Longtou Road aka Dragon Head Road:

After my eventful walk and some snacking on the boulevard, I wandered off in the Longtou labyrinth which is very easy to find as it is where the boulevard ends at the ferry terminal. This terminal is where the exclusive ferry for the locals departs. Gulangyu has a different ferry service for tourists and non-locals. I am for "locals first" of course especially when the number of tourists has increased drastically, which is the case for the island.

Read here for my eventful arrival on the island and information on the ferry ride: In just less than an hour on Gulangyu Island

During the walk, I discovered the bustling street food alleys, and I only later realized that the alleys were very much a part of Longtou road. This street has unbelievably many extensions and connections, it is like an octopus with more than 8 tentacles. They are all one and the same street! #puzzled (see map picture above)

What I do love about Longtou is, of course, the exotic street food scene and the convivial atmosphere. Places like these give me the travel thrill. The smell, the sounds, the variety of food and the hectic activity around me gives me energy and excitement. I really travel for this.

China, er rather, the whole Asian continent is all about eating outdoors, casually on the streets, which I do miss a lot in Europe. Although the south of Europe does have its own street food version especially during the warmer months, it is by far not the same. Nothing can compare the authenticity, fun, and experience with street food in Asia. I am sure everyone would agree.

But I must, however, say, that Longtou is very touristy, after all, everyone who visits the island flock here for shopping and eating. It is the only commercial area in Gulangyu but you can’t go wrong coming here. Well, everyone ends up here anyway.

So nevertheless, I was quite ecstatic about the street food scene, and obviously, my pocket camera did not rest, haha. I took lots of pictures of Longtou!

This post will be more of a photo essay... let me share them with you, rather, come walk with me =)

Wandering where my feet will lead me in this network of streets.

Banyan trees are very prominent on the island and this one is made to use as a public shade in an open square that is flanked with shops and food stalls.

Clams and spices on Xiamen glass noodles, a local specialty.

Casually preparing food on the street.

Huge squid tentacles are also very popular here. They are ready to be grilled upon order. Another version I saw is breaded (whole) squid, which I have tried in Siming, Xiamen.

This is braised Chicken feet, another local delicacy.

Some of the food stalls have very long queues such as this one. People really wait. This vendor is selling sizzling seafood and vegetable combo, perfect for lunch.

Cute rubber ducky fluffy rice cakes =)

A great way to design your mobile food stand to maximize space. Yes, with wing extensions, please!

This really looks good. Chinese food mostly has vegetables in them which is why I the Chinese cuisine is one of my favorites in the world. I can definitely "wok" every day at home =)

Because I just had a spring roll and prawn cake on the boulevard, I decide to settle for a fresh drink of orange juice. It was pretty much a safe choice.

This cafe has heart-shaped post-its with (Chinese) messages on it left by customers.

Seafood is very popular in Gulangyu as well. 

This is "Tu Sun Dong" (sea worm jelly) which is a delicacy of Xiamen. I wasn't brave enough to try this though. I do not find it appetizing enough! Do you?

Red brick houses and some architectural details of the buildings in Longtou Road.

Can you guess? This is the stinky and delicious Durian. Many hotels (and airlines as well) in Asia ban this fruit, so if you are visiting Asia and want to try this controversial fruit? Keep it outdoors please and you will be fine =)

This Chinese man is quite cool, he is dressed in a silk traditional print top and has an original long beard that mostly remembered me of Chinese kungfu movies when I was a kid. Well, he even posed for me, haha. Thank you!

There are many candy souvenir shops in Xiamen selling the mango and durian pairing, which is quite a good combination. In the Philippines, the mango candy is usually paired with tamarind.

Street vendors are the life of the city, and in this case, the island.

Time for some afternoon snack: Fried shrimp tempura. Oily but yummy. Just 4 pieces since I will be having dinner in a few hours.

Delish-looking pork buns. I saw this a lot as well on the streets of Xiamen (and also Taiwan).

More soon of Gulangyu!

Travel Period: December 2016
Destination: Gulangyu Island, Xiamen (Fujian), China

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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