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The ‘Barbecue Garden’ in Ho Chi Minh City

This is a great place for some casual outdoor dining in Saigon.

Our table has its own stone grill.

The family came from a very long day trip in the Mekong Delta so after having some needed rest at the hotel, we freshened up and got ready for dinner. I told the family that we are going just further down the road so no need to take cab rides. We’ve had enough driving for the day so some nearby restaurant would do us really well for the evening, especially for my mom who is mobility challenged.

I actually saw the Barbecue Garden a few times during our walks in the area. It is not too far away from our hotel in Ben Thanh. It’s on the same street, Le Thanh Ton corner Nam Ky Khoi Nghia and is just a 4-5 minute walk so this really came as a handy choice for us.

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The Barbecue Garden is an outdoor spacious restaurant with a very casual mood. It was December when we were in Vietnam, so the Christmas spirit filled the air and the restaurant was dressed up to the nines in lights. It was very nice and cosy. I just hope they kept the lights on even when Christmas is over.

In addition to the opportunity of grilling your own meat on your own table, the plus points about this place are the open space, the garden setting, the trees, and the bustling atmosphere. For adventurous foodies (like moi) this is a great place for an experiential evening dinner. Staff are very helpful here and are constantly buzzing around like a hyper bees serving food to guests and helping them with their grilling.

I guess this is one of the things I love about Asia. You can cook your own food on your dinner table. They do this a lot, for example, in South Korea.

The location of Barbecue Garden is just a 4-minute walk from our hotel (Avanti) right across Ben Thanh Market. It is just a stone's throw away.

So what did we order? The parents are not big eaters and the sister and I are trying our best to diet (haha), so we kept to the rule of 4 dishes for the 4 of us. Just enough really that we do not go hungry =)

We had some delicious iced tea drinks and a mango fruit juice drink for the sister. And prepared lots of sauces to dip in.

This is some sauteed vegetables with seafood (shrimp and squid).

Beef on the stone grill!

Deep fried ribs.

A fresh salad with mango.

Although I cannot say that the food here is excellent, it was quite affordable, although street food would be cheaper of course. I therefore highly recommend this place, if not for the special open-air and bustling ambiance and experiential cooking/grilling. Must try if you are in Ben Thanh area in Saigon.

The downside of Barbecue Garden would be the substantial smell of barbecue sticking to your hair, skin, and clothes. But then again, if you come here for dinner, you go back to your hotel after anyway. Just make sure you hit the showers the next day in the morning. Better yet, before going to bed.

Pro for this place is you do not need a reservation if you come with a large group. The place is quite big with many tables, and the turn around of customers are also quite quick, so there will always be seating available.

It was always busy here at the Barbecue Garden.

What it looks like from the street.

Travel Period: December 2016
Destination: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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