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Delft, Netherlands in Spring

It is almost spring! But it is still cold in the Netherlands...

So I have some pictures here taken last year during spring in Delft, approximately 11 months ago in April of 2017.

A very spring look =)

The Oostpoort (Eastern Gate) of the city. The city played a major role during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century).

I have been to Delft a few times before and I went here last year in spring because a friend of mine visiting the Netherlands, Bubbles, wanted to specifically see the city. She has heard about the place and was very curious.

It was very timely as well that I had a (career-related) meeting in Delft so we managed to plan our visit around the meeting, wherein after my appointment in the morning, we went straight to Delft and spent the rest of the day there. Sometimes things just fall in the right place without having to push it.

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This entry will be centered more on pictures with notes on them.

I did manage to write a few blog posts about our visit to Delft earlier and you can find them here:

We had a nice lunch which was followed by sightseeing in the city center and visiting a number of souvenir shops. Bubbles wanted to buy a Delft Blue porcelain souvenir item. She knew what she wanted though and the one she was eyeing at was quite relatively big; she was worried about shipping and making sure the item does not break. The best advice for this kind of situation is to sleep it over. She did and didn't go back, so perhaps that was the best decision?

We also managed to go around the edges of the town on foot, and we even got lost in the process on our way to the Royal Delft Museum which was located a little bit out of the town center.

After our visit to the museum, we went back in town for coffee and a last parting of Delft.

Come with me below through my pictures as I show you some of the things we saw and visited in the city.

We parked the car at this underground parking, which I think was near the train station, and this is what we saw on the walls of the parking when we walked out. Delft Blue inspired.

Moi here at the Blue heart sculpture near the church. I had a picture here taken many years ago.

The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in Delft on the Central Market Square is partly going a renovation, which is why it is fenced with some temporary art wall depicting the history of the Dutch Royal family which has a deep relationship with the city. The Dutch Royals are buried inside the church.

This is at the Beestenmarkt which is a nice square filled with many outdoor cafe terraces. Great place in the summer to sit here, grab a few beers or wine and watch people.

One of the remaining old gates of the city, the Oostpoort (Eastern Gate).

I have got to try the yellow bike for myself! The small city is surrounded by canals.

We managed to catch the children just leaving school. Bubbles was entertained seeing the kids because not only they were cute, but it was the first time for her to see children going home from school on their bikes. So Dutch, haha.

Technisch University Delft - Must be the Faculty of Architecture and Industrial Design. Reminds me of my college days.

Passing through the residential neighbourhood in the center and seeing a lot of flowers bloom on the streets. The lovely colours are everywhere. It is surely high spring season.

The Maria van Jesse Church.

Like many cities, towns, and villages in the Netherlands, Delft is not an exemption. The city is surrounded by canals and connected by bridges of all sorts. 

The Central Market Square with the Delft City Hall and the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). This is the heart of Delft. We had a relatively okay weather (blue skies and no rain) although it was a very windy and chilly April day.

Some of the traditional and nice cafes and bars in the city center.

This building is perhaps the most photographed building in Delft. The house is a typically Dutch style gable house. The store on the ground floor was already closed when I took this photo but it is an antique store selling really nice items including wooden ice skates.

Having coffee and some butter icing cake for a quick afternoon snack at the Coffee Company which is just behind the Delft City Hall. Needed this badly because we've been walking around in the cold chilling wind for hours.

The Coffee Company has nice lounging areas.

This has got to be my favourite photo in this set. A quick peek of the Central Market Square through an alley painted in Delft Blue.

You will see traces of Delft Blue porcelain influence everywhere in the town center. What's that cow doing there? haha

So typically Dutch =)

A nice corner cafe restaurant on the Beestenmarkt.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Delft (South Holland), the Netherlands

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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