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Dresden, Germany: The Furstenzug Mural, the Neumarkt, the Frauenkirche and Augustiner's Apricot Dumplings

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The gorgeous Frauenkirche on the Neumarkt.

At the beginning of April last year, I visited Dresden, Germany. It’s one of those cities that’s on my list for quite a long time. Luckily, Bubbles who visited me last spring wanted to go here. That proved to be a great excuse for me to go as well.

I remember the late Dutch father who fondly talked about Dresden. He said it’s a beautiful city with very remarkable and historical buildings. I was very keen on checking the important ones when I am in the city.

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Arriving in Dresden with KLM Cityhopper was pretty quick, the flight took more than an hour from Amsterdam. At the airport, we just jumped into a waiting cab which brought us directly to our hotel situated in the Innere Neustadt (Inner New Town) which I will blog about separately.

After unpacking and settling a bit in our hotel room, we went out for a walk in the city center. We were excited! Our first stop, of course, will be Neumarkt (the New Market Square), the main and central square of the city which is where the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) is located.

But before reaching Neumarkt, we passed by the Furstenzug Mural which in English is translated into the ‘Procession of Princes’ mural. It’s beautiful!

The name of the Saxony ruler (sitting on a horse) is inscribed under the mural frame with its reigning years. 

A quick reading of this mural gave me some important historical lesson. I learned that the mural used to be a painting (circa 1871-76) which was carried out in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Wettin Dynasty, Saxony’s ruling royal family. However, to make sure that the artwork is weatherproof, they replaced this with porcelain tiles some 30 years later. Best decision I guess.

The porcelain tile mural on Augustusstrasse is a parade of 35 noblemen, margraves, electors, dukes, and kings of Saxony. This is really a must see when in Dresden. It is hard to avoid this street anyway as it is very central.

Just around the corner from Augususstrasse is the Neumarkt, the main and most central square of the city. This is where most things happen.

The Neumarkt Square. It was a bit chilly April but the sun and blue skies did show up every now and then, so it was okay, we survived, haha.

All these buildings were reconstructed in 2004 which was not very long ago.

The most important building on Neumarkt is, of course, the Frauenkirche, the Church of Our Lady which was reconstructed in 2005. If you see the ruins of the church, you will be amazed at the effort, the engineering, and conservation that was put through to bring back the church to pre-war state.

Bubbles and I made a visit inside to appreciate the interior of the church. The dome is breathtaking and the organ is mesmerising. The church was once a Roman Catholic church. It is nowadays a Lutheran Church.

Outside on the square, you can see a statue of Martin Luther, the Roman Catholic priest who protested against the Catholic institution that resulted into the second major break in Christianity after the Orthodox split with the Roman Catholics. Martin Luther started the 'Protestant Reformation' movement, questioning the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Anyway, the whole church building is a beautiful work of art. Must check out.

The statue of Martin Luther on Neumarkt in front of the Frauenkirche.

Just look at the beauty of the dome and the organ.

The Frauenkirche is a must visit!

You see, Dresden was bombed by the Allies during the World War II and after the war, Dresden belonged to East Germany, ruled by the communists. 1989 was the year when East and West Germany were reunited to become one democratic Germany.

So Neumarkt after the war was completely destroyed. It’s such a miracle to see the center so pretty and lively now as if nothing ever happened, and that the painful pages of history are far down the road. Reconstructions of the buildings on the square happened in 2004. Not that long ago, huh.

There are a lot of happenings going on here on the square. During our visit, there was an open-air short film festival going on, although it was a bit too cold to be sitting outdoors, some dared anyway.

We also witnessed a lovely street musician couple doing their opera duet just outside the church. I love street musicians when they deliver great and unique performances. They always add up to the ambiance of the city. They are a charm.

Young officers (in training?) passing through the Neumarkt.

An opera duet just outside the Frauenkirche.

Here is a quick video of the couple doing their opera duet:

They managed to gather a crowd around them. Bravo!

Bubbles and I were also ready for an afternoon snack so we hit the Augustiner an der Frauenkirche, which is a reconstructed baroque townhouse building turned into a German-style restaurant with an outdoor café terrace and a direct view of the church, hence its name.

We wanted to try some light local snack to share. We scrolled down to dessert and noticed the apricot dumplings (Wachauer Marillenknodel). Apricot dumplings in buttered breadcrumbs with fresh cream, vanilla ice cream, and seasonal fruits. The description sounded delicious and intriguing, apricot dumplings? It's like a fusion between east and west, so we decided to take it.

And we must say that they were quite good! Something totally new to us but definitely worth the try! The dumplings were refreshing. Thumbs up to locally grown and made food.

The interior of the restaurant is designed in traditional wooden framed walls.

Our shared snack is actually a dessert, apricot dumplings with ice cream and fruits. The presentation of the dish is done with taste.

The waitresses were dressed in traditional German female clothing, the dirndl.

The restaurant has a direct view of the Frauenkirche, which is I guess the reason why it is named after it. It looks like this Augustiner is the sister restaurant of the Augustiner in Munich (Munchen) which I have visited and dine at as well.

The dumpling with apricot jelly/sauce in it. This was quite nice, a bit gooey and heavy so I am quite glad we shared this and had each just 1 dumpling.

The detailing on the ceiling at the top of the poles in the restaurant.

More of Dresden coming soon...

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Dresden (Saxony), Germany

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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