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Hidden Temple in Ximending: Taipei Tianhou Temple

Just like churches and mosques, I find temples very interesting deserving a visit and much appreciation. Temples, after all, reflect the souls of every country, city, and peoples.

The entrance of the temple on Chengdu Road.

In Taipei, I was able to visit 3 beautiful temples.

The famous Longshan Temple which was really on my travel sightseeing agenda, the Songshan Ciyou Temple which I happen to stop by when I was in the area visiting the Raohe Street Night Market, and the Taipei Tianhou Temple which I am blogging now.

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I don’t think this worship place is a temple many would deliberately come and visit. It is located in an obscure location in the middle of bustling neon-lighted Ximending. An unsuspecting tourist passing by would not have easily noticed it. But not me who tend to check everything I pass along, haha.

When I passed by this temple, the bright colours caught my eye. Red and gold are the colours of the Chinese, so to that effect, they are the same colours you would expect to see in temples. However, this temple was an exemption, having a sea of red and yellow lanterns suspended on a bright green lowered ceiling in the courtyard. This was what attracted me at first.

Taipei Tianhou Temple I realised is very old. Approximately 270 years old and I learned that it is one of the 3 important temples in Taipei which includes Longshan Temple and Zushih Temple. The latter I was not able to visit.

I am reminded of a family friend who was an avid temple goer and worshipper. She was very dedicated and would bring food and fruits to the temple every day in Cebu. She was Taiwanese, so I guess that is the reason why I am reminded of her now. The last time I saw her was many years ago at her requiem. Her memorial service was beautiful. Although she was way older than me, she was very young to have left this world. You never know when someone goes, huh?

The temple is dedicated to the deity of the sea-faring, the Mazu goddess that has become the patron of the country. There are many temples devoted to Mazu in Taiwan.

Locals call Tianhou Temple the "Ximending Mazu Temple".

It is not very far from Ximen MRT in Wanhua District, just a few minutes walk on Chengdu Road. If you visit, make sure to look around because you can easily pass by it without noticing.

I am really loving the hanging lanterns of this temple.

From the temple looking to the entrance and the street. The temple is literally built into the buildings in Ximending area. Nicely hidden from the neon signs and bustling activity.

Tianhou is dedicated to the Mazu goddess.

Travel Period: January 2017
Destination: Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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