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Modern Afternoon Tea Twist at TWG Tea Salon in Taipei 101 Mall

I love tea. Who doesn't?

During the weekdays I always start my day at home with yogurt, muesli, wheat cornflakes and blueberries, and then when I arrive at the office, I take my first drink of the day, my first cup of tea. In fact, I drink more tea than coffee at work.

So I am more of a tea person than a coffee one, although I love espressos especially after lunch and dinner, they are perfect. It is tea, however, that carries me throughout the working day.

And in Asia, particularly in Taiwan, we all know that tea is king.

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In Taiwan, I was able to have a beautiful traditional tea ceremony at the Shi-Yang Cultural Restaurant in the Xizhi mountains. It was raining when I was there. Mist circled the property in the mountains making the whole tea ceremony a surreal and unforgettable experience. You can read it here: Chinese Tea Ceremony at Shi-Yang Cultural Restaurant

Back in Taipei City, I was hoping to find a more mainstream Chinese tea house, but for some reason, I didn't get to, instead, I came across the TWG Tea Shop and Tea Salon during my visit to the Taipei 101 building and conservatory deck, which I will, by the way, blog separately. The store and tea salon is located on the highest floor of the commercial mall where the luxury names are housed.

I am familiar with the TWG brand but I was not expecting to see an elegant tea salon. So I am a bit ecstatic. I live for nice hang-out places like this.

Places like this remind me of Blondine. We had the same tastes. We liked the same things. We both love to eat in nice places, lounge in nice places and chat for hours in nice places. I really missed her. It's been almost 2 years...

The teapots are exclusive TWG designs I believe.

As I entered the tea salon, I was greeted by a welcoming staff who ushered me to my table by the window. Ah, he knew my preference, hehe. He gave me the menu, which I thought can be very intimidating if you are not a tea connoisseur. This isn't your usual Dutch Lipton tea or English afternoon tea. We are talking about a long list of exquisite tea choices similar to a wine list at a fine dining restaurant. We are, after all, in Asia. The land, rather continent, of the tea.

Well, I know a bit about tea but I was not really prepared to choose from a wide variety of oolong teas. So I played safe and picked a more mainstream type of black oolong tea, perhaps too pedestrian for the real tea afficionados, but I don't care.

Then I ordered a set of scones (2 pieces) as well which came with an orange ginger marmalade jam and whipped cream. It wasn't anything like clotted cream though, but it's alright, I am not in England. The scones were okay and even though it was only whipped cream, I did enjoy this afternoon tea at TWG.

This was a very unexpected afternoon tea and I highly recommend it!

Here is some reading: The drink (Da Hong Pao) that costs more than gold (what else, tea!)

Not bad for a late afternoon tea snack at the Taipei 101 Mall.

It is a tea shop and a tea salon in one that offers all-day dining service as well.

The tea salon also offers all-day dining so its a place for lunch and dinner as well. Personally, I would not quickly come here for dinner though. But it's a great place to catch up with girlfriends, have a private/business lunch meeting or a quick tea in between the shopping.

Which reminds me, I might drop by at one of the TWG tea salons in Hong Kong this May. I'll be in HK after my New Zealand trip as per my return layover plan where I will meet up with the parents. My mom would love this place. We shall see.

After tea, I went out of the mall walking on the skyway to the other mall across the road. It was already dark and the lights of the buildings were shining brightly against the black sky. So I paused and took these pictures.

Then I took the metro back to the hotel.

Travel Period: January 2017
Destination: Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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