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Skiathos, Greece: Fresh Pasta Dinner at La Cucina di Maria

I must admit though that I am not a huge fan of pasta dishes. I don't know why, perhaps because I find pasta too starchy for my liking? On the other hand, I can’t live without noodles. Now that's a bit of a contradiction, haha. Must be the Asian genes in me.

In Skiathos, Dutchman and I had dinner at this really cool restaurant in the old town center called La Cucina di Maria. It is an Italian restaurant specialising in fresh home-made style pastas and thin-crust pizzas. The reviews were very good and the restaurant was always full every time we pass by.

Hmm, they must be doing something right, huh?

This is La Cucina di Maria with outdoor seating on the square.

I just love dining in the old town of Skiathos. The whole place is just so nice. The streets are pedestrianised and covered in rustic cobblestones. Everywhere you look and turn to, you see charming cafes, tavernas, shops and outdoor terraces. It is every holidaymaker's eye candy, a summer dream island destination, and a picturesque little town.

Because there are many gorgeous and inviting outdoor restaurants in the old town, making a decision which places to dine is always a drag. Because I want to try them all =)

For this particular evening, I was eyeing a restaurant called 1901 Restaurant, however, this place was full and Dutchman and I also didn’t want to wait. So we walked back to the little square called the Trion Lerarchon Square which is not too far from the Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs. On this square is the restaurant called La Cucina di Maria located.

This is the 1901 Restaurant which was full.

I thought that La Cucina di Maria was an attraction. The ambiance of the restaurant is very open, charming and laidback. There is a plataan tree in the middle which exudes a very welcoming and cosy atmosphere. I much prefer it than 1901 Restaurant, however, La Cucina di Maria only serves Italian fare, specialising in different kinds of fresh pasta and pizza -- the menu was quite considerable.

Helaas, it is not really my kind of food. However, it is, for the Dutchman.

Ambiance to me is very important when choosing a dining location. I want all my senses entertained, not just my palate, so I made a compromise and settled for a win-win situation for the Dutchman and I. Well, I loved the atmosphere of La Cucina di Maria, whilst the Dutchman loves pasta (and pizza). Solved!

The restaurant has warm colours.

We both ordered a pasta dish. Mine was with a vegetarian pappardelle in tomato sauce Arabiatta style while the Dutchman had a meat-filled ravioli in cheese.

Because pasta is my least favourite, I didn’t really have any high expectations. So I was caught by surprise when I tasted it because this meal turned out really very good. This was one of those extraordinary pasta dishes that I have tried and truly enjoyed. The noodle was soft yet firm and the sauce was generous and very tasty.

Because pasta is a heavy dish, we did not elect to eat any starters. However, most restaurants in the Mediterranean offer bread for a small table cover fee which can already function as starters. Having said that, we did not have any dessert as well.

Fresh pasta with generous sauce.

Delicious cherries from the house at the end of the meal.

The restaurant reminds of Grand Café Maria Utrecht in Mariaplaats Utrecht where Dutchman and I had a tapas dinner. I am not sure though if the restaurant is still here but they have a somewhat similar interior design and painting portrayal of Maria/Mary.

For coffee, we have decided to take it at the old harbour. Great place for people watching.

La Cucina di Maria's outdoor eating area on the little square.

Some photos I took of Skiathos Old Town that night and why it is difficult to choose which restaurant to dine on. The choices are endless and they all look gorgeous and inviting!

Outdoor cafes, traditional tavernas, and restaurants are everywhere... in every nook and cranny. The streets of Skiathos are very charming indeed!

A store called "Hollyweed", haha.

The Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs.

Coffee at the old harbour. There are many cafes and lounge places to hang out here. This is where the bulk of the nightlife is located in Skiathos.

Travel Period: June-July 2017
Destination: Skiathos Old Town (Sporades Islands), Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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