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Skiathos Island, Greece: Maratha Beach (Our Favourite!)

Maratha Beach was one of our great finds last summer in Skiathos. This was "our kind of beach".

A picture of a very relaxing holiday without having to spend ludicrous amounts of money or having to fly across the globe in search of the sun! The Greek Islands are just around the corner from Western Europe.

The beach is down a small path from the main road.

We found this beach after checking out a series of beach spots and resorts on the southern coast. Dutchman and I have an exact idea of what “our” beach would look and feel like, so when we saw Maratha Beach, we were like – YEAH! This is it!

We were so glad to have found a pair of unoccupied sun loungers. We quickly settled.

If we went here during peak season, I am sure it would be impossible to find an available sun lounger, unless we come here really early or very late in the afternoon. The perks of going off-peak season.

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The island is relatively small so its very easy to drive around. Because we have a rental 50cc scooter, the driving distance is longer. We both do not have a motorcycle driver's license so 50cc is max allowed on a normal car driver's license.

So this is where Maratha Beach is on the map of Skiathos, located at the southern (eastern) part of the island. The direction is from Fengeros Village where we stayed to Maratha Beach.

Our driving route was via the Kanapitsa cape though, where we found our other favourite beach spot, Vromolimnos Beach.

Before discovering Maratha Beach, we managed to find another favourite beach on the Kanapitsa Cape which we visited twice on this holiday, the Vromolimnos Beach. We actually have 3 favourite beaches in Skiathos and they are, Maratha Beach, Vromolimnos Beach and Agia Eleni Summer Beach. All 3 beaches are located on the southern coast of the island.

Why do we love these beaches?

Because they are small and cosy, no crowds at all. Because they are in a somewhat secluded private area. Because they have comfortable sunbed loungers with parasols, although not free. Because they have a cool beach taverna. Because the beach taverna has music! The last is very important because it gives the beach spot some kind of atmosphere and soul.

So that’s what we were looking for in a beach. Not much to ask for =)

Here at Maratha, we spent a whole afternoon, just lazing around, reading a book and dipping into the (not that very warm) sea waters from time to time. That’s what a summer holiday should be like, right?

We were also one of the lasts to leave.

Most people pack up and leave the beach around 17:00 as they head back to their apartments and hotels to freshen up and change for dinner. We, however, stay put until  19:30 - 20:00. Dutchman and I love the golden hour at the beach. We watch the sun go down the horizon. We hear the beach speak. All in tranquility. #stressfree

Ah, I cannot wait to go back to the Greek Islands!

Counting the months for this.... just a few more before its going to be summer again.

Reading Samuel Bjork's "De Doodsvogel" (English book is called: The Owl Always Hunts at Night). I learned that Samuel Bjork is a pen name of the real author, Frode Sander Øien, a Norwegian novelist, playwright, singer, and songwriter. This is the second book I have read from his portfolio.

The beach was not that busy, just perfect. 

Plus points for this beach are the sun loungers, they have cushions on them. Very comfortable, you can lay back and relax, while the soft background music from the taverna and the waves of the sea lulling you to sleep.

We left just before 20:00 and we were one of the lasts to leave the beach.

Travel Period: June-July 2017
Destination: Skiathos Island (Sporades), Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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