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Skiathos Island: Traditional Greek Dinner at Platanias Taverna in Agia Paraskevi

This is one of the best tavernas and dinners we have been to in Skiathos Island.

The food and service here at Platanias (officially Platanias Venue Restaurant & Lounge Bar) were just incredible. We enjoyed our dinner and evening here very much. We highly recommend this place if holidaying in Skiathos, Greece!

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Platanias Venue Restaurant & Lounge Bar (aka Platanias Taverna) is located in Agia Paraskevi near the Platanias beach. It is right on the main road on the curve. Like most other local tavernas, the speciality of this establishment is Greek cuisine.

We have seen this taverna from the main road on our scooter rides to the south searching for beaches to hang out in the afternoons. Dutchman and I noticed that the restaurant is always full in the evening. It does not matter which day of the week, it is always full.

So I checked them online and found very positive reviews on Tripadvisor, so we decided to try the restaurant one evening. Luckily, they still have tables available when we showed up and we were quickly seated.

Location of the taverna:

The restaurant is not too far away from the beach.

The interior and ambiance of the taverna were quite nice, The restaurant is partly outdoors with annexed to a pergola with vines crawling on top of it. It is, shall I say, very Greek and very charming. Seeing the climbing vines leaves will always lighten up anyone's day or evening, especially when you have a head service waiter who is very upbeat to receive guests.

I didn’t get the man’s name though but we reckon that he must be the head service waiter aka official guest greeter of the taverna. He’s got all the right moves and speak to welcome you as the tavern’s most desired guest of the night. He even knows how to charm the women eloquently. We have got to give the man the credit; he is good at his job. I am sure a lot of guests come back because of him as he seems to know everyone dining.

Before long we were served with bread and a tapenade. We were asked if we’d like some ouzo, which I gladly said yes, whilst the Dutchman passed and asked instead for a chilled lemon tea

We just came from a long afternoon siesta and swimming in the beach so please forgive the rather bare face. To save time, we don't go back to the apartment anymore but go directly to dinner. 

They served us an aubergine tapenade to go with the bread... and ouzo!

We proceeded with our order and Dutchman settled for a mixed grill + Souvlaki which are tender pieces of seasoned pork, beef and chicken fillet steak and the Souvlaki meat with green bell peppers and onions pierced on to a skewer. As for me, I ordered a Fagri, a grilled whole sea bream lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano (typically Greek!) and sprinkled with olive oil and lemon dressing. We also added an additional side order of grilled seasonal vegetables.

By this time, the waiters were serving us with grace and speed. We were really impressed at how professional the serving staff was, it was like we were dining in a starred resort hotel, instead of a local Greek taverna. There is of course charm in the local Greek taverna hospitality, but at this restaurant, they push it to the next level.

Our food verdict? Quality and super delicious! My fish was fresh and grilled perfectly, I have none to complain about. The Dutchman was just as happy.

The kitchen staff doing their best to make the plating of the food really colourful and nice.

Dutchman had a mixed grill with pork, beef and chicken souvlakis and potatoes.

My delicious grilled sea bream with lemon dressing.

We liked the fact as well that they served us with extras such as the bread came with a tapenade spread, the ouzo shots and we were given some sweet digestif shots as well after dinner which was really nice. You can also see that the kitchen staff did their best in plating – very summery and engaging. Every little nice thing just added to a great dining experience here.

We now understand why the taverna is always full every night. The food here is really highly recommended, as well as the service – fast, friendly and delivered with great care and attention.

Looks like the formula is to make sure guests come back to dine at least 2-3 times during their holiday on the island. It seems to be working.

Digestif liquor and coffee to close the dinner.

Dutchman and I do not always come back for a second dinner though. This is because we prefer to dine at a different restaurant each night. We like spreading the business opportunity (us as paying guests) to different local restaurant owners.

Travel Period: June-July 2017
Destination: Agia Paraskevi, Skiathos (Sporades Islands), Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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