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Skiing Flaine: View of the Slopes / Pistes from the Chairlift

The perfect weather during winter sports can sometimes be elusive.

Moi taking a pause =)

Mother nature did not indulge us with great weather during our skiing and boarding holiday last January in Val Cenis, French Alps. We barely had sunshine, instead, we had snow, lots of it, windstorm and grey skies. But you know what? I've had the best time ever. I really enjoyed last January's skiing holiday. I wish we could stay longer than 1 week. I will post more stories and pictures of our winter sports holiday soon.

For this post, let me go back 2 winters ago (yes, I have a massive backlog!)... to our winter sports holiday in Flaine ski resort.

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You have got to lend a helping hand when another skier falls to the ground.

I realised that I still have pictures from our Flaine ski holiday that I wasn't able to upload. These pictures were taken on our last day, a Friday and we had the perfect weather ski day. Blue skies. Sun. What more can you ask for? For a last skiing and boarding day? Nothing, except to enjoy the day, ski and board as much as we can and take lots of pictures of course!

So that was what we did, rather, what Dutchman did, take lots of pictures. Whenever I give him the camera, he cannot stop shooting, haha. He managed to take a good number of photos of moi, so I am quite pleased. Thank you very much my dear Dutchman.

To learn more about Flaine, check out my other blog posts or visit the winter tourism website: Flaine Ski Resort, French Alps. It is part of the Le Grand Massif skiing terrain (ski pass)

But what I also liked, in particular, is that the Dutchman was able to take pictures of the slopes from the chairlifts, which I may as well add, are the best places to people watch. It does not only offer fantastic panoramic views of the Alps but it is also a great vantage point to watch those skiing and snowboarding below. The rides can take 10-20 minutes so it's quite nice to sit up there and just watch everything happening on the pistes.

The Dutchman had indeed been very diligent with his photo taking on this last day, so he gets most of the credit for this post =)

From the chairlift, it's surreal to see how tiny the people moving below on the slopes are compared to the wide expanse of the snow-covered mountains. The human being is but a tiny speck on the face of the Alps and the planet earth.

We really liked Flaine. The skiing area is big, the slopes wide and there seems to be always a guarantee of snow-powder pistes on the Flaine bowl. We would not mind coming back here.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope they will encourage you to take skiing or snowboarding as a sport or hobby.

The Dutchman and I on the chairlift. We are going up!

Can you spot which ones are moving and which ones are not?

The view from the chairlift is always nice. This is the best place to people - ski - board watch.

Flaine is quite a busy ski resort, even on a still low-season January.

The slopes in Flaine are wide.

Flaine is part of the Le Grand Massif skiing terrain.

This is one of my favorite pictures. You can see a beginners class on the blue slopes. The ski instructor is already down the slope and each student will have to ski down one at a time.

A very snowy tip of high above the clouds.

Moi skiing down the slope/piste.

The Dutchman and his snowboard.

Travel Period: January 2016
Destination: Flaine, Haute Savoie (Rhone-Alpes), France

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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