Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lovely Lunch Place in Sarajevo: Dveri

I am one lady who always looks for nice and cute places to eat at!

The little entrance to Dveri. Isn't this place just lovely?

In Sarajevo Old Town, we found this lovely restaurant called Dveri. The place is quite small and uniquely cool. It's actually a bit hidden from the busyness of the pedestrian street, having only a very modest gateway and a corridor leading to the restaurant.

It has a narrow entryway and had it not been because of the signage outside, we would have missed this wonderful place! I am glad we paid attention.

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There's a homey, kitschy and happy feeling about this place.

I actually found this restaurant well ahead of our journey. It was one of the recommended restaurants online (do check out Tripadvisor) and I was right away sold out when I saw the beautiful pictures. This is it!

Well, this restaurant did not disappoint, we were very pleased.

The atmosphere at Dveri is cosy and intimate. It's like eating in an inner garden courtyard of Alice in Wonderland. Really lovely ambiance. On top of that, the food was delicious, fresh, high quality and presented well. Bubbles swore that this was one of her best meals on our Balkan road trip.

We were here on an April month, and I can understand if this restaurant gets full during the peak months. The place is not big and only has little seating capacity, so a reservation in advance should be in order for those wishing to dine here, for example, during the busy summer months.

This is a cute gem of a restaurant. Highly recommended!

We took a table in the inner garden courtyard.

When in Bosnia, you've got to try these Lemon Beers. They are refreshing and delicious.

This is a heavy lunch =)

Bubbles had steak. She loved this to bits. Probably one of her best meals on our Balkan road trip.

I had some meat roulade with some cheese oozing inside. This was also very nice.

Even the WC/toilet is looking cool.

A peek into the small kitchen.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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