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Photos of the Sarajevo City Hall and City Library aka Vijecnica

This is perhaps the piece of architecture and national monument that truly stands out in Sarajevo.

The beautiful building was built during the Austro-Hungarian empire circa 1891 by Czech architect, Karel Parik. It functioned as a city hall and after the World War II, it became the Bosnia National and University Library (Sarajevo's city library).

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In the Siege of Sarajevo (1992, Balkan War), the building was mercilessly shelled by the Serbian army and set on fire. This destroyed the library, along with thousands of rare books, unique collections, and manuscripts. It was a great loss for Bosnian literature and culture.

After the Balkan War, the building underwent restoration in phases and was funded by Austria and the European Commission. In May 2014, it reopened again as Sarajevo’s City Hall.

The architectural style is Moorish which brings to mind the south of Spain, particularly in Granada. The Islamic architectural style is a reminder that Sarajevo is a multicultural city with half of its population Muslim.

Entrance fee is 10 KM and the building holds government functions, cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions. When we visited, we saw a thought-provoking photography exhibit. Some of the photos in the gallery were controversial, evoking ethical questions and deep-seated emotions. The themes reflected the struggle of life and the war aftermath.

Really worth the little money and time to visit this building. Beautiful piece of architecture. Moving history. Awesome restoration.

My photos:

Man can be very cruel and so is history. You can see this engraved plaque on the outside wall column of the building. Do not forget. Never forget.

The ceiling by the front hall entrance.

The stained glass ceiling in the middle of the building.

The details of the gallery and hallways.

A photography exhibit of twin boys.

A photography exhibit of the realities of war affecting families.

A photography exhibit of the classic stockings and heels =)

A photography exhibit of little ballet dancer girls.

The main hallway and lobby of the building and the gallery.

Can you spot me?

The view from the veranda. Sarajevo lies on a basin with a river flowing.

One of the conference rooms on the first floor.

Isn't this stunning?

Another souvenir selfie shot.

Travel Period: May 2017
Destination: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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