Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The "Sebijl" and Vintage Trams in Sarajevo

Souvenir shot of the Sebijl.

The Sebijl (fountain) in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo is not for everyone, that I know for sure. It is exotic, different, and a bit on the rough edge. But I quite like the jive of the city. It is humble and unique.

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In the Old Town of Sarajevo, called Bascarsija, in the middle of the main square is this mid 18th-century old pseudo-Ottoman style wooden public water fountain. This fountain has become the symbol of Sarajevo, a fusion of Bosnian and Turkish culture and architecture. It reminds visitors that Bosnia & Hercegovina is a country that truly meets east and west. Sarajevo is the perfect example of multiculturalism.

Like any other historical square in Europe, many pigeons gather here throughout the day. It is a fun spot for people from all walks of life who love picture taking (selfie-ing) and bird feeding. The pigeons can get rowdy you know.

Around the area are also many colourful and exotic shops, as well as (tea) cafes and outdoor terraces. This is a vibrant part of the Old Town. Great place to sit and people watch. Definitely not to be missed!

I also managed to snap a couple of pictures of the old trams in the city.

Sarajevo still operates with the vintage trams. Many of them are funkily painted with art, while others in bright festive colours.

The traditional trams easily transport me back to the old days. Not literally per se, but somehow it gives me that kind of nostalgic feeling. It makes me think of what daily life was like before in communist Yugoslavia.

There is something about vintage trams though that make me smile and feel dreamy.

Here are a couple of trivias...

Trivia 1: Did you know that the Sarajevo tram network is one of the oldest in the world? It served as a test line for Vienna's trams.

Trivia 2: Did you know that the Sarajevo tram network opened on New Year's Day in 1885?

Trivia 3: Did you know that Amsterdam donated its old trams to Sarajevo?

The tram network in Sarajevo operates in 7 lines, 6 of which is functioning/running.

Travel Period: May 2017
Destination: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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