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Ben Tre Mekong Delta Day Tour: Village Walk, Traditional Weaving and Trike Ride

Our third stop of the Ben Tre Mekong Delta Tour is a combination of sorts...

Walking on the streets of a village in Ben Tre to the weaving place.

Ah, an exciting trike ride! =)

This is the boat ride from the candy/fruit cafe to the village where we got off.

We were picked up by the motorised sampan boat in the candy and fruit cafe in the middle of nowhere Mekong Delta marshland and were dropped off at this village (I have no idea of the name). The village reminds me of the villages in the countryside of the Philippines, however, they were different. You know, similar yet very different.

We had a little walk and saw some of the daily life scenes in Ben Tre.

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We spotted some lovely orchids. My mom loves orchids and we've always had them in the garden when I was growing up. I don't know though the name of this particular orchidae.

I honestly liked the idea of the little village walk. It gave us a quick peek into Vietnamese village life, what it looks like, what it feels like. The walk was probably about 10-15 minutes.

Although the village walk experience was very brief, I was actually thrilled! I don't know if the parents and sister share the same sentiment but they were making comments about seeing similar things to the Philippines. It's very typical to pick items to relate with when you travel but they also noticed the stark contrasts of what they saw and the practices exclusive to Vietnam they have experienced, and I think they liked that as well.

So we arrived at this weaving store that has an open workshop where local ladies were demonstrating how to weave straws into a mat using the traditional hand weaving loom. I found the whole set up really nice and well-intentioned, but let's be honest, it was "touristy" as hell. Haha! It is very obvious that this shop was primarily put up for the show, for the sake of the tourists and promoting culture, but that's okay, people need to earn a living you know, and tourists needed to be entertained.

The whole idea, the effort, and organisation, I give them a 10 =)

We didn't buy any product from the weaving shop, and when it was time to go, we noticed tricycles with open seating a the back parked after the little bridge. In my mind, I thought, "We are not going to ride in those. Not with my parents!?" Well, yes! The open carriage tricycles were indeed our ride, lol.

The parents, especially the mom had no choice, but she managed to hop on board with the help of the trike drivers, so that was a relief. The heat was bearable though because the ride was not that long and the wind blowing helped ease it a bit. Overall, it was a cool and amusing experience. We enjoyed it (or at least I did).

For the record though, Filipinos (Asians in general) hate being under the sun for so many reasons. My mom and sister didn't like it, whereas I have gotten used to not caring much about the sun after having lived more than a decade and a half in Europe.

And oh, interestingly, the trike drivers have helmets on, whereas the tourists.... hmmm...

Anyway, off we go to our next destination!

The trike ride in Ben Tre village. It was a very hot day. The mother was complaining. If you know Filipinos, they hate being under the sun. You don't let Filipinos sit under the sun!

See the rest of the pictures below:

I found this a very random street scene. Two ladies selling fruits and vegetables on the street. They were the only one selling on this particular street.

A boat docked temporarily. I took this picture from the little bridge looking down to the waters.

A mobile store selling bed mattresses, brooms and duster cleaners.

We passed by this little convenience store and I believe I bought one of those hanging crunchy crackers. This little store reminds me of the Philippines. There is always one in every corner.

An open barber shop. Nice!

Crossing the little bridge to the weaving place.

We arrived at the weaving workshop and store.

Local ladies showing us how to traditionally weave the straws into a mat.

The store selling locally produced sleeping and floor mats and other home accessories.

Then we are off for a trike ride! Now that's exciting haha.

Our next stop: Lunch

Travel Period: December 2016
Destination: Ben Tre, Southeast - Vietnam

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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