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Favourite Beach in Karpathos: Achata Beach

We all have our favourite spots during our travels right? For this summer holiday in Karpathos, our favourite beach on the island is Achata Beach.

Achata Beach (also called Ahata Beach).

Dutchman and I have specific decision-making factors in electing our best beach for the holiday. Although Achata Beach did not tick all the boxes, it was the closest there is in meeting our best beach criteria. The only box that Achata Beach was not able to tick was MUSIC.

Now I understand that some people prefer the natural sounds of the crickets (they abound in Greece) and the constant splashes of the waves against the shore, but Dutchman and I love to have some cool music in the background whilst relaxing and enjoying nature, preferably coming from the resident taverna.

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We visited Achata Beach on a Monday afternoon in June. It was a hot day, but not as scorchingly hot when you visit the islands in the half of July and August.

Dutchman and I already have our own idea and set ways in enjoying our summer beach holiday in Greece. It comes with the territory when you regularly holiday in the islands. At some point, you develop a pattern, a sort of rhythm that suits your style and wishes. You create your own discerning expectations and adopt a habit in the ways of spending the holiday.

There were a couple of recommended beaches but we chose Achata Beach to visit first. I guess because it is not too far from away from Pigadia where we were staying.

The vegetation in the Greek Islands has some desert-like qualities. 

We rented a 50cc scooter to give us the freedom to go around the island. We actually wanted a much faster one but Dutchman (and moi) do not have a motor driving license. Greece has recently upped their driving laws in regards to driving requirements, so if you only have a car driving license, you can only drive a 50cc motor, hence a scooter.

Contrary to some news I have read recently, the European driver's license is valid in Greece. There is no need for an international driver's license unless I guess you do not carry an EU country-issued driver's license. Perhaps the new international driver's license requirement is only applicable to those driver's licenses issued outside the EU borders. Of course, being in the EU carry its own advantages.

This is our route from Pigadia to Achata Beach:

With the scooter, it probably took us between 25-30 minutes.

When exiting the main road to Achata, the road becomes very narrow, steep and winding. If there is oncoming traffic, one of the cars must stop and give way. This is very typical with roads to the beaches though in Greece. To reach a beautiful beach spot, usually a bay beach, one has to go through these kinds of roads, and some even are only accessible on gravel roads.

On the way to Achata, we passed by a sizable area that recently got caught on fire. The charcoal remains of the trees and rocks were very visible and it felt a bit spooky to pass by such area. It looked like the authorities managed to control the fire from spreading though. Wildfires happen in Greece during the late spring and summer months because of the heat.

Remains of the wildfire on the way to Achata Beach.

We are almost there =)

Then we caught a glimpse of the beautiful Achata Beach! Wow! The waters are so blue. We can't wait to lie down on one of those sunbeds.

These are the reasons why we have elected Achata Beach as the best beach in Karpathos:

  • The beach is not that big. There is some cosiness to it even though it is not that small as well.
  • The beach is not that crowded. Compared to Apella and Kyra Panagia, Achata is less touristy.
  • It is a bay beach which adds an alluring effect to it.
  • It is a white pebble beach. I think I now prefer pebble beaches than sandy beaches. Sand sticks to your skin and gets into everything which is not cool.
  • There is a traditional Greek taverna (the only taverna!) on the beach. Perfect for lunches and to grab a snack or drinks.
  • There are of course sunbeds and parasols. They are going at EUR 8 per set. You pay the whole fee even if you arrive in the afternoon. I am guessing they do not charge after 16:00/16:30.
  • Because it is an organised beach, there are toilets and outdoor showers available.

The only minor point? Unfortunately, there is no music.

Traditional cafenion on Ahata Beach - Anna's Taverna.

There are 2 parasol and sunbed operators on Achata Beach and you can clearly see which of them through the colours of the parasols.

I have become very tanned in this summer holiday.

Of course, the time spent here was just relaxing and laying down on the sunbed, sleeping, reading a book, watching people, staring at the dark turquoise blue waters and occasionally dipping in the sea. This is what summer holiday is all about. Totally disentangling from the cares of this world and taking our own time.

This beach has really a very nice effect on us. There is a sense of tranquility. We felt at home here. We were at peace and very calm. We would come back!

One of the excursion boats on the island which is a pirate-themed traditional wooden boat, passed by the beach and the pirates were calling at the beachgoers as part of their act. Oh, what fun =)

There is a hiking trail from Achata Beach to the nearest village settlement, Aperi, approximately 4 kilometers (1 hour and 20 minutes). I wouldn't suggest doing this in July and August when it is very hot!

We also had a quick little lunch at the resident taverna -- Anna's Taverna.

Dutchman and I shared a Greek Salad and a Frappe (typical Greek iced coffee drink). We normally bring our own drinks to keep us hydrated the whole afternoon and sometimes a few bites, so we tend to share the food when we have sit-down lunches or snacks at tavernas.

We are also more careful these days not to eat a lot during the holiday. I have to admit that it can be difficult because when you are holidaying, you basically want to eat out. But we are not young anymore so we need to watch our weights and that goes along with the food we eat and the portions we take. Sharing is caring for our health and bodies!

Isn't this a cute little taverna on the beach?

Our shared lunch on the beach at Anna's Taverna.

We can eat Greek Salad every single day of the summer island holiday in the Greek Islands and we will never get tired of it. Seriously.

Not doing much at the beach... just like everyone else =)

What is also very typical for us is that we love to stay late on the beach. We love the golden hours.

We normally arrive late as well, between 14:30 and 15:30 and stay very late until the sun sets down, usually around 19:30 to 20:00. We love it when the beach becomes quiet and the color of the rocks, the sea, and the surroundings changes to a warm tone as the sun slowly goes down the horizon.

I guess another min point of this beach is that it lies on the eastern side of the island so it does not get a lot of sunset love, but we can live with it.

The sun setting down on Achata Beach.

Dutchman and I on the way back with the scooter to Pigadia.

Travel Period: June-July 2018
Destination: Achata Beach (Central), Karpathos - Dodecanese Islands, Greece

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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