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Olympos Village Panorama Pictures


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Arguably, Olympos is the most scenic village in Karpathos.

The panorama view of the ancient mountain village is perhaps the postcard-perfect picture and iconic image representation of the whole island. It's a must place to visit and experience when holidaying on Karpathos Island.

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Getting a glimpse of Olympos from the road.

We managed to take really cool sweeping panoramic pictures of Olympos during our visit. The village is one of the oldest settlements in Karpathos and the Dodecanese Islands in Greece. It has remained traditional in architecture and culture, although it's very obvious that tourism helped the village survive these days. You can see the heavy hand of influence on it as you walk through the narrow streets and speak to the locals.

We went here with our rental 50cc scooter and this is our route from Pigadia where we stayed for 2 weeks. Pigadia is the capital of Karpathos Island.

Our route from Pigadia to Olympos.

It was quite a long drive with a scooter from Pigadia to Olympos. The car may take 1 hour and 15 minutes drive, but with a scooter, it probably took us another 20-30 minutes more. The road was good but winding, clinging on to a steep cliff, and only fitting 2 cars on a 2-way lane traffic.

These are just a few panorama pictures of the mountain village. I will post more pictures of Olympos on a second blog entry with a detailed journal of our observations and experience spent there.

More soon about Olympos and here are the rest of the stunning panorama pictures:

The oldest settlement in Karpathos.

The village is named after the mountain it sits on, Olympos.

Churches and chapels can be found everywhere on the island.

Taken just before sunset.

Travel Period: July 2018
Destination: Olympos (North), Karpathos - Dodecanese Islands, Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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