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Dresden: Breakfast at Schwarzmarkt Cafe and Visit to Neustadler Market Hall

The market building originally opened in 1899.

In Dresden, I stayed in the Innere Neustadt (Inner newer part of the city) which is across the River from the Old City. You can easily walk to the city center in minutes.

My friend and I didn't take the breakfast at the hotel which in my opinion anyway is always a bit boring. I mean I do not get pumped up with hotel breakfasts unless it is a stunning boutique hotel in a lovely extraordinaire setting. But chain hotels? Nah.

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Tea in the morning.

I had tea with my croissant while Bubbles had her cafe latte I believe.

So I did some research and found Schwarzmarkt Café that looks very popular among the locals. They are open early for breakfast and not too far away from the hotel. When there is good weather, they open their terrace as well which extends to the street, however, when we were here it was raining, so no terrace scene. The rain wasn't really pouring hard though but enough to give you a sullen mood.

We ordered some fresh croissants (with jam and butter) go with our coffee and tea. I like a light breakfast.

After breakfast, we walked into the Neustadter Markthalle located just at the back of the Schwarzmarkt Cafe. It's a produce, meat, and general food market hall with a section at the upper level selling non-food items.

I was quite ecstatic actually that we are checking this out. I love visiting food market halls, they are sometimes even a priority to visit in my travels. It was still raining after breakfast as well so this was the best decision. I thought that we could hang out here a bit until it weathers out.

My first impressions were okay at first, I like the old building. From the outside, it looks very historical and the inside has a vintage charm to it. There are cafes, a bakery, shops selling produce and all the food items and drinks you can take. I get the idea of course, but I noticed very few people shopping or even just walking around. The lack of people affects the atmosphere I think. It felt somewhat hollow? Like there is no spirit and no energy at all.

A food market hall like this needs people. People need to flock here. Business has to thrive. C'mon!

There is free wifi though and cars can park 1-hour for free.

The interior of the market hall is looking vintage.

All the delicious treats. I am liking those strawberry jelly cake.

I have to say that the bakeries in Germany are much better than in the Netherlands. They have more pastry variety. I bought a few of those small donut balls covered in sugar.

Outside is still raining a bit.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Dresden (Saxony), Germany

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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