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Going Chinese and a Bratwurst on a Rainy Dresden

Altmarkt Galerie is a shopping mall with a food center in the basement.

When you travel in early spring there is always a big chance that some days will be caught in the rain. Especially in Europe.

In Dresden, we got rained down for the whole loooong day, until in the evening. What can you do when nature conspires against your travel and sightseeing plans? Well, adjust and stay indoors =)

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Bubbles and I were debating on what to eat for the evening. For the day we've had a little croissant breakfast at the Schwarzmarkt Cafe in the Innere Neustadt , followed by a shared snack at the Pfunds Molkerei Cafe Restaurant not too far away. Then we had a heavy schweinshaxe (crispy pork knuckle) lunch at Altmarkt Keller Dresdner Bierhaus in the Altstadt.

The rainy day was spent eating away, haha.

So we were a not that very much looking forward to dinner although we did check a few establishments. Such as the restaurant and grand cafe at Cosel Palais, however, it was closed for renovation, as well as the Taschenbergpalais which is now a hotel, but we didn't quite like the atmosphere and find anything suitable for a light dinner.

So we just walked around the old city until we circled back to Altmarkt square again and this time we discovered the big shopping mall with a busy food center in the basement. Why did we not see this before? Since it was still raining, we welcomed the prospect of indoor malling and perhaps eating dinner here.

By this time Bubbles was seriously craving for a bratwurst. It can happen you know when you are in Germany, and naturally, you must eat this sausage!

We also passed by a few restaurants in the food center and for some reason, we were lovingly drawn to Chinese. I always love a noodle so why not? Add in some (Shanghai) fried rice for good measure, please and we are all set.

A great combination for a rainy evening? Chinese and German, some dry noodle pork and fried rice. And well, a bratwurst, too. Not sure if this is light dinner though, haha.

We closed the evening quite early with drinks afterward at our cool hotel bar of Motel One Palaisplatz. What a long rainy day. Despite the bad weather, we managed to do and accomplish a lot! So we were quite satisfied after having reflected on the day's events.

One of the impressive arch gateways in the city.

Munzgasse, one of the popular narrow pedestrian streets with lots of cafes and restaurants.

A rainy Neumarkt.

Cosel Palais (Cosel Palace). The restaurant and grand cafe was under renovation  when we checked it out. We would have eaten here.

The Neumarkt doesn't look very uplifting with the rain.

The Taschenbergpalais (Taschenberg Palace) is now a hotel. We also checked this out but didn't like the atmosphere of the cafe there.

Altmarkt Galerie shopping mall.

Bratwurst for dinner.

And Chinese (noodles, pork and fried rice) for dinner as well.

Indoor shopping malls with food centers are a blessing though when it is raining.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Dresden (Saxony), Germany

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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