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Night on Champs Elysees, Paris: Le Deauville Dinner and Lido Cabaret Show

Waiting for the curtain to open for the Cabaret Show at Lido Paris.

I have been to Paris many times and but have never been to a Parisian Cabaret Show so when girlfriend Pinpin invited me to go to Paris with her, I said yes under the condition that we will do a side trip to Versailles and attend a Cabaret Show. Or something like that =)

Well, knowing Pinpin, she was more eager and excited than me!

Champs Elysees at night.

This isn’t my first time to a cabaret show though. I went to a tropically themed cabaret show in Havana, Cuba with Blondine many years back. That too, was quite entertaining.

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Buying the Cabaret Show Tickets

We bought our tickets last minute at the ticket shop in Place de la Madeleine where they sell unsold theatre tickets for half the price. I really searched where to buy discounted tickets online because tickets to shows and concerts in Paris cost a lot. They are usually in the 3-figure region (not lower than 100 Euros) and I am a *clears throat* smart traveller who looks into my spending wisely. Hah! #truth

We booked the Cabaret Show at Lido on Champs Elysees. I wanted to show Champs Elysees to Pinpin in the evening so it was great to combine both. I also thought that we will have dinner someplace else nearby and will only be taking the show plus champagne. I cannot remember how much we paid but it was half of the original price.

The discounted ticket shop is called ‘Kiosque Theatre La Madeleine’ and it's on the square itself beside the church. They are only open in the afternoon until 19:30.

Champs Elysees at Night

So on this night, we took the subway from our hotel in the 15th arrondissement to Champs Elysees. By this time Pinpin had become accustomed to the Parisian life and is really enjoying the local subway transportation.

The Cabaret Show is not until 21:00 so we strolled on the avenue appreciating the glittering evening lights, the fancy overpriced shops, and the busy season's holiday atmosphere. PinPin really loved this piece of Paris, and actually the whole city. She swore she can live in Paris if only she could transplant herself here that easily. Well, you need to get the visa thing and learn a bit of French mind you.

Fouquet's is one of the famous restaurants on Champs Elysees.

Always a great idea to stroll on or hang out here on Champs Elysees at night. The avenue isn't only for shopping. It is lively and colourful here at night with the Christmas and winter lights.

Le Deauville Dinner on Champs Elysees

I didn’t plan to dine at a specific restaurant. I thought we will just wing it and check out which restaurant we like on the spot. My idea of dining that evening would be a combination of dinner and people watching. You know, on Champs Elysees, you have many of those open café restaurants with terraces on the wide pedestrian pavement. I thought that watching the masses and the world go by would be nice to do while having dinner.

The restaurants, however, on Champs Elysees were all full. There were just so many people! So when we spotted a free table at Le Deauville Restaurant with the spot I wanted which was by the window, we quickly grabbed it. Quick. Run! lol

Dinner for me was roasted duck in peppery gravy sauce and some roasted potatoes as well in rosemary and thyme. This was quite good actually. The duck was nice grilled outside yet soft and chewy inside. Pinpin went for some French Onion soup. She wasn’t that hungry but needed something light to eat. Unfortunately, she didn’t realise that French Onion soups have bread in it. Soggy bread dunked in the soup. And the soup was quite big!

I personally am not a fan of soggy bread. I even don’t understand it when people drunk their bread and biscuits into their coffee or chocolate drink? I honestly (okay, it’s just me), find it eewww. I cannot stand soggy dripping bread.

We finished dinner with coffee and tea.

People watching while waiting for our food.

Pinpin's meal is a large bowl of French Onion Soup served with baguette. If you know this kind of soup, there is a soggy bread dunked inside it (which is why I never order this soup).

This is my dinner, a delicious roasted duck in pepper sauce and roasted potatoes as well in rosemary and thyme. I really liked this.

Waiters were in blue and white sailor outfits.

Lido Cabaret Show

We arrived on time at the Lido Cabaret Show on Champs Elysees which was just across from our dinner place. Well, we actually arrived earlier because we wanted to give some time for finding our seats, but when we were there, we were met with a very long queue outside. We had to stand for half an hour before the line moved. Had we known, we would have not rushed our coffee and tea at Le Deauville.

Once inside the corridors of Lido, we were welcomed by bright lights, shiny walls, and glass chandeliers laced in gold. Quite blinding to the eyes you know, lots of bling-bling! I have to say that the chandeliers were pretty massive.

A very long queue to the Lido Cabaret Show.

Just want to show the bright bling-bling and how huge the chandeliers are.

Everything went smoothly when we were inside the theatre. The large room was dazzling with bright lights and energy. The staff showed us to our table and we were quite surprised because it was a nicely situated table not too far away from the stage. The theater was also designed in a way that the people sitting before you won't block your view. When the show was about to start, the front part of the theatre moved sideways and downwards, giving space for an extended stage.

Well, we were quickly pampered by staff with a bottle of champagne served in an ice bucket and before we knew it, Pinpin and I were clinking glasses as we wait for the curtains to open. The girls are excited! =)

We shared the table with a couple. Pinpin had the idea that they were Americans, at least the guy is and the woman must be Hispanic because of her features and accent. The couple was quite friendly and we chatted with them briefly. Pinpin, however, thought that they were lovers having a secret affair? Oh well, I can’t really tell, haha. But Pinpin tells me, she would bet on it that they are on a rendezvous trip in Paris. Hmm. #gossip

Waiting for the show to begin! What's cool with this set up is that the foreground part is moved sideways and downwards giving space for an extended stage in front. Which was cool because we were then nearer to the stage.

Yours truly and that's Pinpin in the below picture.

Our bottle of champagne.
Anyway, the show kicked off and we enjoyed every minute of it. It was not allowed to take pictures or film it so I obeyed and didn’t take any.

Of course, because this is a French cabaret show, boob parading was pretty normal. I guess, if you audition to be a cabaret showgirl, you must possess the right boob size. Not too big and not too small. Just medium and the girls must stand firm. I am sure the size and firmness are a requirement because all the girls have the same thing.

I have to say that although the girls were showing off their melons, they looked quite classy though. There is some kind of art element to it? But had their boobs been bigger then it would have been porn I guess, haha. And had they been smaller, then they would have been mistaken as healthier models on a catwalk show! Okay, I am now generalising. Oops.

Picture I found on the internet of a scene in the Lido Cabaret Show:

Nonetheless, it was a very fun and fabulous evening! I was very glad to have watched the cabaret show and I highly recommend this to anybody visiting the city. It truly was a Parisian experience.

Travel Period: December 2017
Destination: Paris, France

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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