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Paris Late Night Dinner at 24-Hour “Au Pied de Cochon”

Who would have thought that there is a 24-hour restaurant in Paris?

Late night dinner... we don't want to make this a regular thingy, huh.

Au Pied de Cochon in the Les Halles District.

And it isn’t a fast-food chain or some worn-out bistro feeding drunk teenagers, although I do not think France has a problem with the latter since beer and bars are not a big thing there for the youngins, instead, its all about cafes, bistros, brasseries, restaurants, ciders, and wines. Teenagers getting drunk on wine? Hmm, perhaps...

Anyway, my research for a late night restaurant led me to Au Pied de Cochon Brasserie.

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Checking out the menu.

Pinpin and I stayed late in Montmartre. Our plan was to either eat there or go somewhere else, like the Au Pied de Cochon that is open day and night. Yup, the restaurant is open 24-hours of the 365 days of the year. I have read that it’s a Parisian institution that has served the public, including celebrities and famous people since 1947. It serves traditional French cuisine which is totally different from the modern haute French cuisine that we all know.

I saw the pictures of the brasserie restaurant which I found interesting. Dining out for me does not always have to be about the food, but the interior, ambiance and the view as well.

From Montmartre, Pinpin and I took the metro at Anvers getting off at the Les Halles. The brasserie is located just across Les Halles on Rue de Coquilliere.

We probably arrived around 23:00 and the restaurant was quite busy. We were asked to wait behind a queue line even though it was only us and another couple waiting. It clearly shows though that the restaurant can get busy during normal dining hours. It didn’t take long for us to get seated at our table which was on the window. Just perfect, giving Pinpin and moi some privacy and a good view of the restaurant and its late-night diners.

It's a fun kitschy-ish interior and as you can see it's quite busy and it's almost midnight!

Au Pied de Cochon is a huge brasserie restaurant with several floors, I think it has a total of 5 levels including the ground floor. The upper levels have enough rooms to reserve for a private dinner. Anyway, I quickly excused myself to go to the toilet so I can have a closer look at the place.

The interior of the brasserie is designed in a kitschy way. Chandeliers with grape-like fruit overhangs, beige yellow ceilings and wooden paneling. There are columns painted with Baroque style female figures with voluptuous half-naked bodies depicting the sweet life. There’s somewhat some kind of allure to this? How about let's say it's Parisian chic meets kitsch.

Pinpin didn’t want to order any meat so she had a mixed seasonal vegetable serving which I was also eyeing, to be honest. I mean its late in the evening and something light and refreshing would be good. But, being the curious me, I thought I will further look into the brasserie’s specialty.

I picked the “Pied de Cochon grille Bernaise” (Grilled pig’s trotters with Bernaise sauce). The waiter assured me that it’s a traditional dish and it's good.

Well, it looked like I never learned my lesson! Goodness heavens.

Earlier in the year, in spring when I was in Verdun, France with the Dutchman, I had the same mistake when I ordered exactly the same thing. I didn’t like at all a bit, lol. But how come I have fallen for the same thing the second time around? #feelingverystupidnow

Read here: Lost in French Menu Translation in Verdun - Who wants pig's feet?

*Sigh*. If only my wallet can cry? I have wasted money to eat for a dinner that I do not even like! Just because I thought the name of the dish sounded good anyway on the menu, with the backup reasoning that it's under the ‘speciality’ dish so it must be darn good. Oh well.

The mixed seasonal vegetables looked really good.

Who wants to eat some pig trotters?

To make this long story short, I didn’t really enjoy my late night dinner here. I mostly nibbled on that nest of salad and fries. Well, I finished the greens and half of the fries, and I did try to eat the meat, but just couldn't muster to eat more. In fact, I was very tempted to order another serving of the mixed seasonal vegetable Pinpin had.

Anyway, it was fun poking at the piglet’s trotters, although looking at them makes me want to become vegetarian. Seriously, I have flashes of "What if I become vegetarian/vegan" when I see animals slaughtered for food and when I am served with parts of animals, such as these, presented on my plate. I mean, the trotters, the feet, they are just so, uh, visible? Boorish?

Next time I am at a traditional French restaurant, I stay away from anything that says “pied” on the menu.

Well, they gave us piggy meringues when we asked for the bill.

The brasserie is huge and can sit up to 250 people. This is one of the rooms.

Travel Period: December 2017
Destination: Paris, France

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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