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Utrecht, NL: Chilling at Rivers Marnemoende in IJsselstein

A restaurant with a view.

So I met up for coffee and some more drinks with the sister in law at this lovely place in IJsselstein, Restaurant Rivers Marnemoende which is located on the water, just beside the yacht haven with an open view of the water and the flat green countryside of Utrecht.

This is hands down, a beautiful place to meet, talk, hang out and just chill out.

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We started with some coffee.

I have actually been wanting to visit this place for quite a while now. I have read about Marnemoende on the "Het Beste Terras van Nederland" list where it surveys the best outdoor terrace seating in the country. Of course, the restaurant terrace was part of the list.

Additionally, I have heard confirmations from the family who have been here many times. So when the second sister in law and I had a little catch-up, we decided to meet here.

The exact location:

Just zoom out to see its location in Utrecht.

We didn't really eat here, we just had coffee and another drink, some cider. We initially sat in the restaurant upstairs and then went down to the outdoor terrace by the haven. As we were early, we were the first few ones on the terrace and before long, people started flowing in.

It was a beautiful sunny day in April and I really enjoyed this place, as well of course my time spent with the sister in law.

There are actually many nice cafes and restaurants like this in the Netherlands, located outside of the city, with a relaxing outdoor seating and with views of the water and fields. I am always constantly searching for new places like this, so stay tuned for more.

This is the indoor seating.

After coffee, some cider drink.

The outdoor terrace seating.

It was a lovely April day in the countryside, people were out and about.

The restaurant and its outdoor terrace sit facing the haven.

The bike and the pedestrian bridge connecting two polders beside the restaurant.

This couple got lucky, they have the best seating =)

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: IJsselstein (Utrecht), The Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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