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Another Visit to Castle De Haar in Utrecht

I cannot remember how many times I have been to this castle anymore but every time I go, this castle never fails to always take my breath away. She is that stunning and out of this world!

Table and flower arrangement of the dinner table. Lovely!

This castle is really the best example of a fairytale castle.

So last April, I went to visit Castle de Haar (Kasteel de Haar) in Haarzuilens, Utrecht together with Bubbles, my girlfriend from Canada. When a friend is visiting town, I always felt obliged to show them this castle because this is the most beautiful, the most enchanting and the biggest in the Netherlands. Moreover, it's just around the corner from where I live, well just a few minutes drive really, or bike, if you don't mind.

Bubbles was up for it so we sneaked the castle visit into her, rather our, travel agenda.

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The castle has several events going on throughout the year so it's best to check out their website. I am inviting the family to go with me to the Country and Christmas Fair on the 20-25 of November. With the castle setting, it's going to be a magical fair, especially if it will snow. You never know these days, snow may come early.

The admission fee/s to the castle are ala carte style. The main admission fee is the entrance to the estate and gardens. On top of that, you pay extra for the castle and chapel.  And if there are events, the admission fees are adjusted to reflect the total package.

Because I have been here many times, I will spare you the information and details about the castle, although I will be captioning my pictures with some tidbits of info. Here is the website: Castle de Haar | Kasteel de Haar

This entry will be more like a picture gallery of our visit. It is always a treat to come here. Enjoy the pictures!

Well, the flowers were not yet in bloom when we were there in early April.

The castle is surrounded by a moat accessible by drawbridges, something that is very typical for most castles in the Netherlands. The moats served as a line of defense.

The main entrance to the castle.

The castle grounds are huge with gardens, ponds, parks, bridges and towers. Visiting Kasteel de Haar is like going back in the opulent times in the Golden Age of the Netherlands.

The flooring design at the entrance of the castle. Beautiful.

The main/receiving hall of the castle is huge and has this magnificent ceiling that reminds me of the wooden ceiling inside a large Medieval ship.

Impressive ceiling.

This tapestry hanging in the main hall is one of the many art collections in the castle..

Lavish parties were thrown here at the castle before. Royalty, celebrities and important people were guests here before. The castle was previously owned by nobility, the van Zuylen van Nyevelt van de Haar family and the heir married a Rothschild who helped finance the refurbishment of the castle.

A not too busy cutlery and dinnerware setting at the dinner table.

There is a video room where one can watch the history of the castle. I highly recommend watching this because this is one of the few castles in history that is being used/lived in the 1900's up to the 60's and 70's even.

One of the salons in the castle.

The castle has its own hair salon/barbershop!

Looking down at the main hall. Its like a massive foyer and lobby.

Looking out at the gardens and parks. It was early spring when we were there and I am sure that a week or two later this garden would have been filled with colourful blooming flowers. There is even a rose garden.

There are 200 rooms in the castle and only a few of the rooms have been refurbished for public viewing. Many of these rooms have vaulted ceiling designs.

This is the baroness sleeping quarter.

This is the bathroom and the bathtub is sunken.

One of the toilets, old-fashioned but equipped with the latest technology at that time.

Typical stairwells in the castle, narrow and winding.

The kitchen has a very impressive collection of copper pots and pans. I also love the huge kitchen island. Must be a very busy place when there are parties hosted here!

Copper kitchenware is not my thing but they sure are beautiful to look at.

Oh, this is my humble evidence that I slept at the castle. Haha.

A little footbridge connecting the buildings. It's very scenic and fairytale-like here. Perfect place to do photoshoots and those selfies.

The castle was designed by Pierre Cuypers, the same architect who designed the Amsterdam Centraal Station and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. It took him 20 years to build this.

You need at least 2-3 hours here to enjoy without having to rush. Well, make it half a day including a walk in the garden and a lunch or snack or even a picnic.

Dutch castles usually have a moat around them which makes the whole atmosphere dreamy and fairytale-like.

Another souvenir picture to take home.

Travel Period: April 2018
Destination: Haarzuilens (Vleten-De Meern), Utrecht, Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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