Friday, October 12, 2018

Leersum Nature Walk in Utrecht, Netherlands

 A government forest management office in Leersum.

Dutchman and I love our forest walks in the weekends. Our go-to place is the Utrechtseheuvelrug forest which is not too far away and for this particular walk, we picked the area of Leersum.

We are actually looking into giving more variety on our walks so we are currently exploring other places in the Netherlands, as well as outside the country. When you have been in the same area so many times you realise you want some variety after all. I mean, don't most of us want that, right.

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Chopped logs neatly piled up. Wondering what they will do with them.

The Dutchman is quite familiar with Leersum (Het Leersumse Veld). He told me this his parents usually bring them here as kids during winter when the lakes have frozen and fit for skating. Ice skating on natural ice is something the Dutchman grew up with, while I, on the other side of the tropical world, grew up with the sun and the beach.

Ice skating is actually the Dutch national sport, it is part of the Dutch identity which the Dutch are partly struggling about right now because of global warming and that fact that we have mild winters in the last decades.

We were here in Leersum at the end of winter, end of March early this year so there was no snow and no frozen lakes, however, I can imagine what would it have been like.

We will probably go back here one winter.

The logs have a warning sign that the logs can roll over, so it's not allowed to stand on top of it.

Walking trail pole directions.

This body of water becomes natural ice when it's frozen in the winter... and then families with children flock here to enjoy a day out of ice skating on natural ice.

Some of the areas are off-limits to the public and are reserved for birds mating. As per law, it is illegal to trespass. Mating season is the end of winter to summer in this area.

We found a red door in the forest!  I am feeling like an Alice in Wonderland here in the wrong outfit. Seriously, we had no idea what the door is doing here. Could be some art stunt.

And we came across this lady dressed strangely in some 1920's ensemble with a raccoon fur, cowboy hat, tweed jacket, long skirt, and boots. We were so tempted to ask what she is doing in the forest for a walk?

We treated ourselves to some oily snacks after =)

Travel Period: March 2018
Destination: Leersum, Utrechtseheuvelrug, (Utrecht), Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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