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Pancake Dinner at the Theehuijs Rhijnauwen in Bunnik, Utrecht

This is another favourite of the family!

Pancakes at our favourite go-to pancake restaurant in Utrecht and the whole of Netherlands. At the Theehuijs Rhijnauwen in Bunnik. I cannot count with my fingers and toes included how many times I have been to this restaurant. Fact is, we are going here (again) this week!

I brought Bubbles here after our visit to the Castle de Haar and we had pancake dinner together with the Dutchman and the Dutch mother. I am not sure if Bubbles enjoyed the pancake dinner but it sure is a different type of pancake that she knows.

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A peek into the garden.

What I really love about this place is not just the pancake they make. Well, they do make one of the best pancakes in town by the way. This restaurant has a beautiful outdoor terrace seating, a garden with trees right on the Kromme Rijn river, which is a tributary of the River Rhine flowing from Germany.

Here it is on Google Maps:

Can you see the fresh garden setting on the water?

Best to have lunch or dinner here in the summer. Outdoors in the garden. I also heard that a boat service in Utrecht sails to here. I need to try that one time, that would be so cool.

Pancake restaurants are typically Dutch and they are found everywhere in the country, located in cities, towns, villages, parks, forests and even along the main highways. It's what I call the real Dutch family traditional restaurant because you can't find a lot of Dutch restaurants here offering Dutch cuisine, but the pancake restaurants? They are everywhere.

Check this place out here: Theehuijs Rhijnauwen Pannekoeken

The outdoor and garden terrace of the restaurant.

This is my pancake, I think I had bacon and apples. Then I drizzled some syrup on top. For the final touch would be a sprinkling of some powdered sugar.

So a Dutch pancake you eat it with a syrup and powdered sugar. I tell you, there are many crazy pancake toppings here in Holland. I've seen toppings such as shaorma, tuna, and frikandel. I can't even imagine, haha.

One pancake is enough for dinner. I cannot even finish it myself. Luckily, I have the Dutchman who acts as my food disposal bin.

Tip: The pancake restaurant is located beside a little forest park that has a walking trail. There is also a castle that is now a hostel and a horse stable that is now a cafe. It is great to combine the visit to the pancake house with a little walk and some outdoors sightseeing.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Bunnik, Utrecht, Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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