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Bosnian Easter Sunday Mass in Sarajevo

First things first, I am not a religious person. I do not believe in any god or deity of some sort. I used to though. But that was a looooong time ago. Like, some 20+ years ago.

Easter Sunday mass service at the Sacred Heart Cathedral of Sarajevo.

Treat after the mass service.

However, I can perhaps say I have an open soul. I respect all religions and beliefs and do not mind partaking in any service, as long as nobody is trying to proselyte me into joining the church or whatever it is called. I like being an observer and in fact, I enjoy being in the background, watching and appreciating cultures and all people in different walks of life. Religion, you know is culture.

Anyway, Bubbles and I realised that we will be spending Easter Sunday in Sarajevo. Bubbles being a Roman Catholic requested that we go to church and attend Easter Sunday Mass. I am all for it, after all, it’s been decades since I have attended one. I am also curious what an Easter Sunday Mass is like in Sarajevo.

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A Bosnian Easter Sunday Mass

The Sacred Heart Cathedral is beautiful.

Easter Sunday in Sarajevo started really wet. We woke up to rain trickling down the window panes. The skies were grey and murky and there seems to be no sight of the rain stopping. So instead of walking to the church from our hotel, we ordered a cab. Cabs in Sarajevo are dirt cheap and reliable.

We were on time at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, the congregation was just getting the final ready for the mass. Local parishioners flowed in one at a time and greetings in form of kisses, hugs and small talk followed as people took their seats. Clearly, many people here know each other. Bubbles and I quickly squeezed our way into the crowd to find an available seat.

It was a full church! Which is something you will never see in the Netherlands, to be honest. In all of my travels in Eastern Europe, I have seen many churches there that were actually used for what they were supposed to be. Not as a restaurant, not as an office and not as a hotel. Religion still flourishes in Eastern Europe.

This priest is a bishop, right?

The worship ceremony started and I just sat there beside Bubbles and watched and listened. I noticed a lot of nuns in the church audience. I enjoyed listening to the choir singing. The Hallulejah Chorus was beautiful, it felt like I was in a mini theater concert. I managed to record a short video of this (see below).

Although we didn’t really understand what the priest was saying, Bubbles is able to follow the worship celebration easily. Roman Catholic masses have a solid structure so it’s easy to observe even if its carried out in a different language. It’s similar to a franchise concept, no matter where you are in the world, you will see the same sacrament, liturgy, and ritual.

I noticed that the priest was dressed in very regal priestly clothing, with a pointed red and golden bishops hat. This priest must be high ranking in the Catholic clergy.

The beautiful "Hallelujah Chorus" sang by the Sarajevo choir.

Easter Sunday Holy Eucharist and the Sarajevo choir in the background singing their best.

We behaved well in the church. It was a very good Easter Sunday morning. Bubbles have been a very good Catholic girl by attending mass and partaking in the holy communion. And we loved the Sarajevo choir.

As for me, all I can say is that Jesus Christ and Paul (the apostle) were both the perfect examples of excellent marketeers this world has ever seen. I am serious about this really. Sales and marketing people in our days should learn a great deal from them.

The gorgeous church organ.

After Mass Treat: Coffee & Tea at Dolce Ore

After the Easter Sunday Mass service, we had some coffee and tea and a shared rolled crepe with too sweet of a strawberry jam at this café called Dolce Ore beside the cathedral. It was still raining when we went out of the church and we didn’t want to be walking on the streets wet so we took shelter here. We could make use of something hot to drink in this dreary weather.

At this café, we met this lovely little girl who served us our coffee and tea.

Oh, I am sorry, I forgot her name.

This girl is the daughter of the owner of the cafe and she can speak a number of languages already at her very young age. I think she spoke about 5-6 languages in total. She spoke English to us which we appreciate a lot. She loved exercising her English skills with us I guess.

She hung with us for most of the time, telling us stories about her life in Bosnia & Hercegovina and that they often go to Mostar down south which is where we will be heading to the next day. She was a very chatty and charming girl!

Bubbles and I do not have kids so we were very amused and entertained. We very much enjoyed her company, but we have to leave.

Tea for me please.

Unfortunately, the rain still didn’t stop so we ran to the nearby DM store to buy each of us an umbrella. This was a lifesaver because the rain never stopped crying the whole day. I hate having rain during my travels but shit happens you know.

When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade.

Moi and my cuppa.

This was too much sugar rush for me.

The perfect drink after a Sunday service mass when it's raining cats and dogs outside.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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