Sunday, November 11, 2018

Goodbye Views of Sarajevo!

Ah, our last day in Sarajevo!

View of the city of Sarajevo from the hills near the fortress.

Well, we didn't do much on our last day in the city.

We had breakfast at the hotel, then we checked out and dragged our suitcases down to the ground floor and piled them at the back of the car. We were set to leave the city for the south. We were going to Mostar!

I think it was best to say that Bubbles and I were ready for a new place to explore.

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I am not a big breakfast person. I much rather prefer a nice brunch, especially on weekends.

I am wearing the medieval-like ring I bought at the Gazi Husrev Bazaar in Bascarsija which matched the brass bracelet that I bought in Porto many years ago.

But before leaving the city, we decided to go up the hills in the direction of the fortress called Bijela Tabija (White Fortress), passing by a bend of a beautiful cemetery with uniform white crosses.

I have read that the views from this fortress, or rather, from this side of the hills, are the best in Sarajevo as it overlooks the city where the Miljacka River flows.

We thought we have reached the fortress so we stopped and parked the car. The fortification we saw was actually the Yellow Bastion and the White Fortress is a few kilometers further ahead. We decided to take a walk anyway because the views here were really lovely. We could see the Vijecnica (Sarajevo City Hall), the bridges crossing the Miljacka River and Bascarsija.

On this road, we saw a nice cafe called Caffe Kamarija - Point of View. Definitely a great place to have coffee, drinks, and lunch with a perfect view of Sarajevo. I love the fact that the cafe is open and has an outdoor terrace. We were here early in the morning though so the cafe was just opening up with no patrons.

Bubbles and I decided not to go to the White Fortress anymore. I mean we came here for the city view and we have seen it. Now we can say a proper goodbye to Sarajevo.

A peek of Sarajevo City from the hills.

This is the Caffe Kamarija - Point of View in the hills.

Residential houses on the hills surrounding the city.

The Miljacka River flowing through Sarajevo City and I can see the infamous Latin Bridge where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne) and his wife Sophie were assassinated, prompting the start of World War 1.

The cemetery in Kovaci in between the residences.

A local woman walking. She must be a widow as she is dressed in black. I am sure she has a lot of stories to tell.

A more modern panoramic city view of Sarajevo.

Sarajevo's architecture is a mix of Ottoman/Islamic and Austro-Hungarian/European style.

Leaving the hills now...

And leaving the city...

On our way to Mostar!

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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