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Sarajevo: Dinner at Restaurant Kibe Mahala in the Hills

The beautiful ambiance and views at the top of the restaurant.

Restoran Kibe Mahala in Sarajevo.

I have to say that Restaurant Kibe Mahala, is hands down, the best restaurant in Sarajevo when it comes to ambiance and views.

This upscale restaurant in the hills is difficult to beat. If someone asks me where they should eat for dinner in Sarajevo, I will gladly recommend this place. It’s just a unique restaurant in a stunning setting, plus the food is local cuisine and quite good.

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I booked our last night’s dinner in the city here at Restaurant Kibe Mahala after reading a lot of positive reviews online about the place. I was very intrigued about its location, being located outside of the city center and in the hills of Sarajevo.

The restaurant has panoramic views of the city and the surrounding hills.

The entrance to the restaurant which is located on the upper floors. On the ground floor is a small chic art gallery which I believe belongs to the restaurant or same company.

This is the flooring of the lift (left picture), which looked like stencils.

Unfortunately, this is not our table.

Because this restaurant seems to be very popular, even among the rich, famous and VIP’s in the city, making a reservation is a must. Even though the restaurant was quite big with themed rooms and sections, it can get full here, which was the case when we visited. Glad our friendly receptionist at the hotel made a reservation for us, as well as calling a cab for us too.

On good weather days, the terrace is open and I can just imagine what it would be like during the summer here.

On the menu is the local Bosnian cuisine which is presented digitally on a tablet. I initially thought you can order directly from the tablet, but you would have to give your order to the waiter still. The tablet was just really for show.

We first had some drinks to start with. I settled for a local Bosnian red wine (Carska Blatina) while Bubbles went for the Sarajievsko Radler lemon beer. She’s been enjoying these lemon beers here in the Balkans, so I hope she will find some in the supermarket when back in Canada. Lemon beers with 0% alcohol are a new craze in Europe by the way.

We were served bread and local cheese.

High on the recommendation is the famous ‘Spit-roasted lamb’, the house speciality that is cooked the traditional Bosnian way. We were glad that we could order a small portion only instead of the standard big size. Another meat feast we ordered is ‘Hadzijski cevap’ which is seasoned veal with fresh mushrooms. To go with the meat is a vegetarian platter – zucchini, aubergine, mushrooms, carrots, paprika and tomatoes which balanced meat diet for that evening.

I cannot really say that this restaurant has the best food but it is quite good and the ambiance is really awesome and worth it.

At the ground floor of the building is an art gallery, which is nice to browse around while waiting for the taxi to arrive.

Sarajevo panoramic views.

The restaurant has many rooms and nooks.

The menu and the wine and beer list on the tablet.

Views of Sarajevo and its surrounding hills. The city sits on a valley.

This is the veal dish with mushrooms.

The house speciality, the spit roast lamb. We ordered a smaller portion only.

The grilled vegetable platter.

We were entertained by a caroling duo, who went from one table after another table.

My plate of course.

Then I had some coffee (espresso) to close my dinner while Bubbles finished hers with dessert, some chocolate ice cream.

This is on a different level of the restaurant.

The art gallery on the ground floor of the building.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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