Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Old Town Bratislava in the Evening Photos

After dinner at the Parlement Restaurant in the castle hill, I went around the Old Town (Stare Mesto in the local lingo) for a little evening walk before retiring for the night. My hotel is located in one of the tiny cobbled-stone alleys so it's just a stone's throw away from any nook and cranny of the Old Town.

The stroll was also a good excuse for me to help digest the heavy on the meat and potatoes Slovakian meal. In addition, I was curious to see what the Old Town looks like when the lights glow against the dark skies, and of course,  if there is a good (nightlife) vibe in the old city...

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Michael's Gate (Michalska Brana) is the only city gate that remained and is preserved from the old fortifications. This gate was built in the 1300s. Today, the tower is a museum showcasing the history of the city's medieval fortifications.

I was on a very quick trip to Bratislava for business and managed to see a bit of the old city. You can see my previous post of Bratislava here: Arriving in Bratislava Old Town, Slovak Food Festival and Dinner at Restaurant Parlement

This Night Club was on my hotel's alley, right across my room, hahaha. I must admit that the lighting advertising seems pretty cool and catchy!

The Old Town was buzzing with people. There were lots of bars and outdoor cafe terraces in the evening. Many young people around! Quite a number of German-speaking tourists I noticed.

This is the Main Square (Hlavné námestie) and the Roland Fountain (Maximiliánova fontána). On this square stands the Old Town Hall (the building with the clock tower) and several palaces, two of which are now the French and Japanese Embassies.

The famous sculpture on the street of Bratislava, "Man at Work" or "Čumil the Peeper" by Viktor Hulík. The sign was a later addition implemented by the city council because truck drivers do not seem to notice Čumil and end up driving over him causing the sculpture to dislodge.

His name is Čumil, a sewer worker and is resting from work and peeping at passersby. He actually has a slightly naughty grin, so ladies with short skirts, beware =)

The old Slovak National Theater is a beautiful building in Neo-Rennaissance. There is a new theater in modern building design which I read took 21 years to build.

The Hviezdoslav Square (Hviezdoslavovo námestie) is a big rectangular square and park in the Old Town with fountains and benches. It's a very nice place to hang out.

Under the Habsburg Empire/Monarchy (1500-1800s), the city enjoyed the construction of many Baroque-style buildings in Bratislava

Bratislava's former name is Prespork (Slovak) or Pressburg (German). 1993 was the beginning (first year) of Slovakia / the Slovak Republic as an independent country. Czechoslovakia was dissolved in September 1992 when the two states became independent from each other.

The Hrad Castle is just a few minutes walking. I had my dinner there on the castle hill grounds at Parlement Restaurant.

Walking back to my hotel, I passed by this alley and couldn't help take a picture. The gleaming thing in the far distance is the Hrad Castle, very well lighted at night.

Travel Period: May 2018
Destination: Bratislava, Slovakia

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