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San Marino: Cesta and Montale Towers and Chilling at Bar Piadeneria la Capanna

Aperitivo at Bar Piadeneria la Capanna.

This is the Cesta Tower (or the Second Tower).

After checking out the Guaita Tower, I decided to take the plunge and walk to the other two towers. Not to go inside the towers and inspect them but I thought that the walk along the ramparts would do me good. After all, the views would be spectacular I am sure.

And I was correct! The stroll to the two towers was really nice and something I would highly recommend to anyone visiting. I managed to snag an Aperitivo along the way as well. Just perfect as it was late in the afternoon.

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Cesta from the Guaita Tower.

The walk to the two towers is crucial to be able to really experience and witness the breathtaking views of San Marino.

Cesta or the Second Tower sits on top of the highest peak of Mount Titano. Similar to Guaita, the tower served briefly as prison quarters. This particular tower has a very dramatic and regal look that I really like especially if you view it from the rugged rampart's steps, as you are approaching from Guaita.

Cesta just delivers that dramatic, enchanting, and medieval look. There is this air of mystery behind all the architecture and history.

This picture just spells drama all over it.

There is an entrance fee to Cesta. I didn't bother to go in though.

The Montale Tower (or Third Tower) on Mount Titano.

Montale or the Third Tower, on the other hand, is the smallest among the three and is not open to the public. This was also used as a prison I believe. You know, after you have seen so many forts and ruins in Europe, they all start to look the same, haha.

This tower is the farthest on the route but well worth it because I wanted to be active and I was on the lookout for better views. I was really glad that I made the stroll to the end of the three tower route, it was really nice.

The hike to the Montale Tower. From the ramparts, it goes through this stone pathway.

The Montale Tower up close and personal.

One of the tourists was busy photographing her dog. The dog is lovely and was obedient to its owner. The dog better or else it would fall down the rocks. Would not be a good sight I am sure.

View of Cesta Tower from Montale.

It is Aperitivo time!

Then it was time for a drink in one of the many bar cafes on the peak with stunning views. I was eyeing this bar called Bar Piadeneria la Capanna with outdoor seating. This cafe sits in a perfect location with amazing views of the surroundings.

Here I enjoyed some Aperitivo, which San Marino obviously has taken from the Italians. Unfortunately, just as I was able to take a table, the weather turned. The wind picked up and grey clouds hovered above us. Before we knew it, rain poured down and the people sitting outdoors had to take shelter.

So I moved a few tables away but still had a great view, so it didn't affect me that much, except that it's a bit damp and colder. Still good for me to sit here with my glass of wine while waiting for the showers to stop.

The outdoor seating at this bar.

Ooops, the weather seems to turn to grey.... looks like it will rain.... time to get the shades up.

And time for me to move to a new table with a roof or shade above my head.

Aren't the views amazing?

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: San Marino

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