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The (Street) Food Scene in Xiamen, China

So tell me people, who loves to check out the local (street) food scene when travelling to a new place?

Well, raise your feet please! *pun intended* hehe

These braised pig trotters are a delicacy common in southern China, particularly in Guangdong and Fujian regions.

Local street market.

I quite enjoyed the local foodie scene in Xiamen. There were new dishes I discovered and specialities that I tried. Food plays a major part in my travels, mainly because I love to eat and enjoy what the culinary world has to offer.

Food, in my travel book, can make or break the adventure and they can sometimes be the highlights too! In this blog post, I will be posting the food pictures I took in Xiamen.

Brace for a flood of food photos!

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The street food scene in Xiamen is concentrated around the area of Zhongshan Road pedestrian street and its numerous alleys. This place has a lively scene no matter what time of the day or night.

Read my previous post here: Zhongshan Lu Pedestrian Street

One of the popular street food delicacies in Xiamen is the Oyster Omelette. The food vendors cook it before your very eyes, however, the queues can be very long in the evening. Here is a  post I made: Queueing up for the famous Oyster Omelette 

There are grilled pork and chicken barbecue and chicken feet.

A seafood stall selling different kinds of shellfishes and crustaceans. They resident cook prepares the seafood for you while you wait. There is a small space for eating.

Glass noodles (vermicelli) are a speciality in Xiamen. These are scallops are covered with glass noodles and some spices. I ordered this and it was delicious.

My "lobster" lunch. They grilled this before serving. I had to get used to the local spice here. It's what we all call, an acquired taste.

Taiping Lu is a small alley of Zhongshan Lu pedestrian street that is brimming with street food vendors. It is not too far from the Siming South Road. Highly recommend this street!

Sea worm jellies are another popular local delicacy in Xiamen. I could not dare myself try this. I mean, I just really can't. It's not my cup of tea. Pass!

Grilled octopus tentacles are also a common sight in Xiamen. I haven't tried.

Cut chicken feet in portions, ready for sale. Chicken feet are typically a favourite in Asian. I remember in the Philippines, they call these Adidas (usually on a stick). Yes, named after the famous German shoe manufacturer, lol.

More sea worm jellies!

Massive deep fried squid in a batter. This was a snack that can be found everywhere, in every nook and cranny of the city. I wasn't able to control myself. I bought one as an after dinner snack, which was meant to be a dessert, haha. Read here: Being Greedy in Xiamen

I believe these are jellied strawberries.

A very busy street side food court on Zhongshan Road pedestrian street. It is always busy here, especially in the evening.

Some of the dim sum on offer have huge portions.

I love tofu! I love them fried as well and they are best eaten with seaweed or with onions and chili. I tried this when I visited the not-too-far-away Zeng Cuo An village where I had a walking lunch. At home, I buy tofu regularly from the supermarket.

Shellfish and crayfish in sizzling sauces.

This is another version of the Oyster Omelette, the food court version. I have tried the street food version.

Post Its on the wall. They were all written in Mandarin Chinese so I couldn't really read them.

Take-away drinks  such as milk teas are also everywhere in Xiamen. I do not have a favourite yet, so every time I try a new flavour. I tend to steer clear from too flavoured ones. I am not very fond of the tapioca pearls.

The famous Peking duck which can be eaten with rice wafers by rolling a piece of meat with it. See below in box for examples. My mom loves this.

The mango smoothie drink with real mango chunks. This is also practically everywhere!

This mobile vendor had to look for a new place to sell her food on the streets because the police just arrived. She reminds me of the women street vendors in Ben Thanh market, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

Fruit ice cream looking like soaps.

Another mobile vendor on the right and I am not sure what he is selling though.

The bao's or the steamed buns, ready for the taking.

An outdoor wet market I bumped into while taking a walk around the Siming area in Xiamen. I believe one of the alleys on Lujiang Road.

A different kind of bread-bun. Must be delicious to eat when its still warm.

Braised pig's trotters/feet garnished with spices and spring onions, a famous local delicacy in the southern part of China.

Wonton soup with noodles (Bian Rou) and Zongzi glutinous rice. This was actually my lunch. You can read the post here: Fujian-style Brunch: Bian Rou and Zongzi

Authentic Chinese style of making a noodle soup with a large steamer.

Zhang Sanfeng is one of the trendy milk tea shops. I had the normal hot tea here.

That's it, folks!

Travel Period: December 2016
Destination: Xiamen (Fujian), China

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