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Grillhouse Aura George and Skiathos Old Town at Night

One of our dinners in the Old Town of Skiathos...

Grillhouse Aura George.

Dutchman and I were craving for some mixed grilled meat for this particular evening.

We've seen these row of tavernas in the Old Town near the harbour. These are al fresco restaurants on a pedestrian street on the corner of the church with access to the harbour through a small slope street. This area has a good view of the water and Bourtzi Island as it is situated on a hilly part that overlooks the boulevard and the harbour.

Octopus being dried on the harbour.

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We were quite late when we left on our rental scooter our apartment for dinner in Skiathos Old Town.

Craving for some meat skewered on a spit, we checked in at the Grillhouse Aura George. This taverna does not have a website but it is situated in a very busy pedestrian - row of tavernas street. We were lucky because although it was late, there were still some portions left on the rotisserie.

I always order seafood for dinner during the summer holiday but once in a while, I do not mind joining the Dutchman for some local Greek barbecue.

We also managed to get a table on the edge of the taverna and we have a good view of the Old harbour.

Lamb chops, pork, chicken, beef and more.

The last meat standing for the night.

While waiting for our mixed grilled meat, which is being slowly burned to perfection on the spit, we ordered a starter to go with the free bread, rather, the what I call the cover charge bread. It is not much really, Greek tavernas usually ask for a 50 cent per person for the bread, but you need something to dip it with. The usual olive oil and vinegar staple served on the table, which I sprinkle with pepper and salt will work but the Dutchman has a better idea. We ordered tzatziki.

Umm, let's make it complete. Why not throw in a Greek Salad too? Yum.

Greek Salad and Tzatziki.

The mixed grill.

This mixed grill meat was really good because it was cooked well done. Dutchman and I love our meat that way. In more chicer restaurants, the more affluent waiters would roll their eyes when Dutchman says he wants his steak or any meat cooked well done like really "well done". Haha.

We do not have this issue in Greece. The locals prepare their meat the well done we like.

Our table and the view of the Old Harbour.

While eating, we had some visitors. Being cat lovers, we couldn't help but give away some of our food to these adorable felines. Restaurant owners do not really encourage this for so many reasons, but guilt controlled us. We must feed these furry little things.

The cats were very behaved though!

We had 3 visitors.

One of the cat visitors has a cleft lip.

Dutchman had a cappuccino while I had Greek coffee.

Meanwhile, a roll call gathering of cats took place on the steps of the grillhouse taverna. Can you count how many cats were in attendance?

Travel Period: June-July 2017
Destination: Skiathos Old Center, Sporades Islands, Greece

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