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Skiing and Boarding in Val Cenis, French Alps (2019)

We decided to stay in Val Cenis ski resort for our second day of skiing and boarding.

The advantage of skiing off-peak season is less human traffic on the slopes.

We learned that our ski pass has a free upgrade similar to an Eskimo Pass. Because we have a 6-day ski pass, we are entitled to ski at the other 5 ski resorts in the Maurienne valley for 1-day each. Dutchman and I already planned to ski and board at 2 other ski resorts but for Monday, the second day of skiing, we decided to stay at our home base in Val Cenis.

For this day, we planned on taking the 2 summits of Lanslevillard and Lanslebourg, the 2540m and 2330m.

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Moi almost geared up for skiing. Our ski locker room is in the basement of the chalet and there is a lift so that's really convenient.

The Vieux Moulin gondola. You see the chalet on the distance on the far right? That's our chalet building complex. It's not a very far walk really.

This is the Escargot green slope and we take this going back to the chalet, to the slope that goes back to the Vieux Moulin gondola and we take a detour just before reaching it.

To begin with, Dutchman and I are not really hardcore skiers and boarders. We normally go to the piste just before 12 noon, around 11-ish most of the times, but on this day we were later than usual. We reminded ourselves that we were on holiday so nothing to worry at all being late! There is no rule to be at 09:00 sharp at the ski lift. We prefer to take things relaxed, that's our holiday style.

But aren't we glad that we skied and boarded late because the whole morning it snowed and by the time we were up in the gondola going to the mountains, the sun and blue skies broke through the clouds! Hallelujah!

It wasn't really a sunny day but it was a day mix of everything: Sun, blue skies, grey, clouds, mist, wind and we even had a bit of shower. It was definitely much better than in the morning and yesterday.

The village of Lanslevillard.

Some sun breaking through the clouds.

Our route for the day was going up to 2 summits, the 2540m and the 2330m.

We first went to the 2540m summit via the TSD Solert chairlift and we skied down via the red Solert and blue Familiale slopes before taking the Escargot to reach the Arcellins lift that will bring us to the 2330m summit. From here we went down through some nice blues (Quebecoise, Tetras, Familiale) and red (Ouillon), then taking the green Escargot to the Lanslebourg village where we went up again with the Ramasse lift.

At the top of the Ramasse lift, we had a little break at the Bar Le Refuge where I had some Vin Chaud (gluhwein/mulled wine) and Dutchman, a Choco Chaud (hot milk chocolate). It was past 3 in the afternoon so it was way after lunchtime and not many people were around. It was also a Monday in January, off-peak season, hence.

Warm drink break in the mountains: Vin chaud and Choco chaud.

Bar Le Refuge at the top of the Ramasse lift.

The weather started to turn around so we decided to take the slopes back to the village. We took the blue Chamois and green Escargot back to our chalet. The nice thing with our chalet apartment is that we can ski and board almost all the way to our doorstep. We loved this convenience so much!

The evening was a nice and well-deserved spa before dining out in Lanslebourg.

So here are the rest of the pictures on our second day of skiing, on a Monday. We mostly took the pictures while sitting on a chairlift and enjoying the alpine views. Some were taken upon arrival at the summit.

The slopes were not busy at all on a Monday afternoon.

Moi here at the 2540m summit.

Dutchman took a few photos of moi.

On the Arcellins lift going up to the 2330m summit.

The nice thing being on the chairlift is the view.

And seeing skiers and boarders taking the off-piste route.

We had a mix of clouds and blue skies. We cannot complain because the day before we only had snow, mist and everything grey.

At the 2330m summit, we had some turn of weather events. Look at the large grey thing looming down the slopes.

It was again a mix of all sorts. We had wind and a bit of windstorm. 

Snow dust in the wind.

Sometimes you have to stop for a moment until the windstorm is over.

At the end of the day.... our skis and board back in the locker and we at the chalet apartment.

Travel Period: January 2019
Destination: Val Cenis, Savoie (Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes) France

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