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Photos of Skiathos Old Town from the Hills

Skiathos Old Town is one of the prettiest Greek town island centers I have visited. It is very charming and welcoming, and it is also quite hilly with great vantage points for views.

Moi on top of the hilly old town of Skiathos.

I took these photos in one of the hot summer afternoons on the island.

I have just finished dipping in the pool and laying down on the sunbed to dry. The Dutchman lays beside me, very much engrossed with his new book called Judas, a real-life story of a high profile criminal in the Netherlands as told by his sister (whom he threatened to kill...). From time to time, the Dutchman dips in the pool too, to freshen up and take a breather from reading.

Both of us take advantage of the summer holidays to read. I normally read at least 2 books on the 2-week holiday while Dutchman has a big stash loaded in his e-reader. I might just buy an e-reader when I get used to the idea. For now, I love the feel of the book in my hands.

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The Greeks tend to randomly paint their pedestrian streets with white paint.

So I was feeling more adventurous than the swimming pool and book in front of me.

I have also promised myself that I will walk around town all by myself. By doing so I can take my time to enjoy the place, take pictures, perhaps shop a little bit and maybe sit somewhere nice with a chilled drink. I know that if I have the Dutchman with me, we will always be in a hurry. So I need my "me" time as well.

I oftentimes tell him that he has to slow down, stop and smell the roses too! But he insists that everything goes slow motion with me. Relationships are all about the comprises we make, you know.

So I ventured into the old town which is about a 10 to15-minute walk from our apartment on my own but I managed to convince the Dutchman to bring me to the old town with the scooter. It's actually quite difficult to peel him away from a good book but if I remembered correctly I bribed him for something else in return. A few hours of silence. Haha.

Local bakery treats in the harbour.

The walk began with a visit to the local bakeshop. Well, I asked Dutchman to drop me off here.

A few days earlier during our pre-dinner walk on the harbour, we discovered this cafe and bakery shop selling local Greek baked goods. I just knew I will be back here for a small bite. I ordered the spinach pie on-the-go which was still warm and oozing with all the delicious flavours.

The pie was a great kick-off for my walk!

Delicious local goodies in the bakery shop.

My treat for the afternoon.

A restaurant on top of the hill which only accepts reservations.

Skiathos old town has 2 hilly areas with the main shopping street in the middle and an open quay to the 2 harbours, the old one and the new. Having already discovered the hilly part of the town near the old harbour, which is where the many restaurants, shops, and terraces are conveniently located, I set the afternoon walking agenda to the other side of town.

It is the other hilly part of the town on the side of the new harbour. This area has splendid views of the Bourtzi islet, the peninsula across with boats on the mid-water and the panoramic outlying islands. I enjoyed this walk a lot and you can see it in the many pictures I took.

Come with me through my pictures below...

Elevated ramps, steps and stairs everywhere.

Skiathos colour scheme is white and terracotta but from time to time you will see some white and blues.

Food for the cats. There were so many stray cats in Skiathos. The island has adopted them.

Some locals would sit outside in the late afternoons because it's too hot to sit inside (unless you have airconditioning).

Moi at the church square on top of the hill.

Inside the Agios Nikolaos Orthodox Church and Clock Tower.

View to the old harbour and the other hilly part of the old town.

This is the Bourtzi islet that separates the old (to the right) and new (to the left) harbour.

This is the new harbour. This is where the public ferry docks and offload and onboard passengers.

Poseidon: One of the boats offering day tours to the islands nearby and remote beaches.

Skiathos old town rooftop panorama.

Stray cats abound in Skiathos (in every Greek island actually).

Strolling the residential part of hilly Skiathos old town.

This particular home pays an ode to Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, but wait,... Isn't there 1 dwarf missing?

Bougainvilleas are summer flower staple in Greece.

How to describe these 2 cats? Well, the beauty and the beast, haha.

One of the many tempting shopping windows.

There's more tempting fare on offer... baklava in many forms and flavours.

Of course, one of the many charming restaurants in the old town.

Tiny alleyways, nooks, crannies, and stairways....

Travel Period: June-July 2017
Destination: Skiathos Old Town, Sporades Island, Greece

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