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Skiathos: Another Day at Vromolimnos Beach and Dinner at Kohyli Taverna

Perhaps our favourite beach on Skiathos Island...

Dutchman and I went here twice! And that's a lot because there were many nice beaches in Skiathos. We liked the small and cosy location and the vibe of the beach. There is a trendy beach bar cafe and restaurant which owns a row of rental parasols and sunbeds. We love the music flowing from the bar cafe to the beach.

What can you ask more on a summer beach holiday?

Oh yeah, food! Of course.

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There's not much to tell really except for the pictures. It was another day on the beach paradise in the Greek Islands. Dutchman and I just relax on the sunbed, swim from time to time, read a book, sip on our drinks and people watch.

This is the view in front of us. A young family busy with their kid.

Vromolimnos Beach is a bay beach on the southern part of the island facing the Aegean Sea. The waters here are calm and the seabed gradually goes deep into the sea which is perfect for swimming.

This beach does not give you the perception of mass tourism which we felt at Koukounaries, Agia Paraskevi, and Megali Ammos beaches.

So the Dutchman did not take a photo of this man playing ping pong on the beach. If you look closely on the picture that's mean dipping in the water with my straw hat on =)

We usually have brunch at the holiday apartment so when we are out beaching in the afternoon, we don't really eat a lot. We also take some nibbles and drinks with us, however, at beaches like this, we order a light snack and some drinks.

A Greek Salad is always good at the beach and some chilled Aperol Spritz. Luckily the bar serves Aperol.

Dutchman and I just stayed put. People have come and gone... we were still there.

We usually stay late on the beach. We wait until the sun sets and almost everyone has left before we pack up our stuff. There is a sense of satisfaction to have spent your day at the beach until the last rays of the sun have hidden. Can you relate, or not?

The last hour on the beach...

The overhead net they used as shade on the beach was really cool. It is the first time I have seen this style. I like that it is white. It's like a floating cloud protecting you from the sun.

After the day at Vromolimnos Beach, we went to Kohyli Taverna for dinner.

We have been passing by this taverna many times as it is located right on the main road in Platanais. Although the restaurant is on the side of the road, I noticed that it has a green fields view. I am a sucker for nice views, so for a change, Dutchman and I decided to have dinner here.

Look at the lush green meadows view from our table. So serene and so beautiful! Definitely a major change of setting from the beach. My heart even skipped a bit when we saw a number of goats grazing on the fields in the distance.

We thanked ourselves for picking this taverna and for having a view like this for dinner.

We started with the obligatory bread because, in Greece, the restaurants will always give you bread, by hook or by crook. Then they charge you with it. It's like a cover charge thing.

Proost! Cheers!

We got caught in a conversation with the owner of the taverna. He is Greek, obviously, and when he realised that we are from the Netherlands, he quickly switched to speaking "some Dutch".

We learned that he lived in the Netherlands for a time after getting married to a Dutch woman. The relationship, however, didn't last long and they divorced. After they parted ways, he went back to Greece and started this restaurant in Skiathos.

Nevertheless, Dutchman and I thought that he must have told his story to every Dutch tourist that visits his taverna, and before we knew it, the food arrived! Service here was very quick.

Dutchman ordered pasta with beef stew, Moshari Kokkinisto. We've first tried this when we were in Corfu many years ago. They have a different name for this dish there - Pastitsada. I, on the other hand, settled some fresh grilled sardines that came with a salad.

What a beautiful dinner with a green meadow view.

The dinner was very simple and delicious. We are quite happy to have picked this restaurant. The green fields view was very good for a change.

When dinner was finished, we had coffee and were given some local syrupy sweet cake from the house to go with it. In the Greek Islands, most tavernas will offer free small desserts which are perfect because I am not really dessert gal but for a small (and free) bite, why not?

Travel Period: July 2017
Destination: Skiathos (South), Sporades Islands, Greece

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