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Last Dinner (at Taverna Hellinikon) and Evening Night Out in Skiathos

This is our last dinner in Skiathos Old Town.

Skiathos Old Town and the island itself is lovely and very much a highly recommended holiday destination for us. We have enjoyed our stay here. The car-free Old Town is very pretty and traditional, filled with inviting boutique style stores and open taverna seating on cobblestone streets. Skiathos holds up to the standard of a charming Greek town on a Greek island.

Our last dinner on the island was spent at Taverna Hellinikon

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As we were walking down the road from where we parked the scooter on the edge of the Old Town to the center, we passed by this "Cat booth".

There are many stray cats in Greece and the Greek Islands are full of them, one being Skiathos. Cats here are fed every day by the Skiathos Cats Welfare Association and they welcome donations in kind such as cat food and milk.

Dutchman and I are cat lovers and we cannot wait to have our own cat soon when we move into our new house. The house has been turned over to us last March and we are busy with the interior finishing. We would need another month or more before we can move in and because of this delay, our yearly summer holiday trip to the Greek Islands will be postponed. We normally go in June, but with the new house and moving in, we are pushing back the holiday to September.

So I am cheering myself up with these old photos of Skiathos =)

We chose Taverna Hellinokon for the obvious reasons.

Firstly, the taverna has a nice very central and open location in the Old Town. Secondly, they have traditional live Greek music playing. Some Greek holiday goers will probably say that Greek music gets worse on your ears after a week-long stay, like a broken record playing the whole time, but not to us! Thirdly, they have the fish I wanted to eat on the menu.

To start, the restaurant gave us some bread and olives and a local sweet raspberry-like aperitif. I love eating bread on extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Dutchman and I were feeding the cats with some morsels under our table until I saw this sign. Too late, haha. We had the idea that the cats here on Skiathos Island are well pampered with food. If not the cat association and the locals feeding them, it's the tourists.

Anyway, I had a slice of grilled swordfish that came with baked and partly grilled potatoes and a side salad. The Dutchman had this very rich moussaka, which is a typically Greek oven dish with base ingredients such as aubergine, beef, and cheese.

We were seated right across the Greek musicians. It wasn't that loud, we quite enjoyed the music, perhaps because we knew it is our last night on the island.

Greek dish: Moussaka 

My dinner: Grilled swordfish

After dinner coffee.

Skiathos is made popular by the Mamma Mia! film which was shot on location on the island. There are boat trips from nearby islands to visit Skiathos in 1 day so the Old Town can get a chock-full during peak summer months.

After dinner, as it was our last evening in town, Dutchman and I went around the Old Town for the last time, strolling in the tiny alleys, checking out the stores and finally finishing the evening with some spirits at one of the bars with an open terrace near the harbour.

It wasn't an eventful evening. It was low-key, nice, balmy and just perfect for us.

One of the pretty streets in Skiathos Old Town

The above gallery is giving me a lot of inspiration! In my new house, I will have my own atelier on the second floor where I can try on artistic pursuits such as painting, art creation and many more. I am so looking forward.

We had some beers at the Rock 'n Roll Cafe. The bar cafe sits on a stairway that leads to the Old Harbour. This is a very busy and nice area with a good vibe and great music. Sometimes the bars are competing with each other's music. Nevertheless, a great place to sit and watch people and the surroundings, a very typical thing to do while on holiday I reckon.

Then it was time to close the evening and walk back to the apartment.

A local cultural center and museum.

Travel Period: July 2017
Destination: Skiathos (Old Town), Sporades Islands, Greece

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