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Skiathos North Scooter Adventure Ride and Xanemos Airport Beach

The island of Skiathos is small and is just perfect to navigate around with a scooter (or a motorbike).

You get rewarded with views like this when you explore the island.

Because we both do not have a motor license, we were only able to rent a scooter up to 50cc.

Skiathos, however, is a quite hilly island so we had some troubles scaling up the steep parts. A 50cc scooter cannot handle a steep incline with a second person on the back. Helaas, I had to get off and walk for the few meters. We cannot let the scooter choke to death. Even if I diet, I will still need to get off, haha.

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This was a day when we explored the island with the rental scooter with no agenda. We just went with the flow and the only guide we had were the road directions and a small map on a tourist booklet we took from a restaurant.

It is nice to be spontaneous on holidays from time to time, you know. We all need to break the beach and pool monotony and the rigidness of planning (like I do most of the times!).

Dutchman and I were planning to have dinner here at Platanos. The taverna promises a lovely panoramic view of the Old Town, the Aegean Sea and the nearby peninsula and islands. But after the scooter was coughing and bleeding with black smoke trying to get to the top, we decided not to go the same route again.

I managed to convince the Dutchman to go to another restaurant, a better one in fact, also with a great view, so all is good.

The Skiathos Old Town.

We went to Kastro but didn't fully reach the destination because the gravel road was bad for the scooter. The beach is also down the bay and for some reason that day we were less adventurous to scale the cliffs down to the beach.

Sometimes you have those days, and even more frequent when you get older. Trust me, I have an intrepid soul and have dared to do crazier stuff before, but these days I am afraid I am becoming a little bit boring. This is what happens when you are almost 50 and have done and seen a lot in the world. At some point, your experiences can work against you.

So we continued to drive around the northern and eastern part of the island and getting pleasantly confronted with stunning views of the bright blue seas and skies against the lavish green background. This is what we have come to know the Greek Islands; raw, traditional and not (yet) bastardized by tourism.

We keep coming back, every year, to a different island each time. But I am afraid we will be running out of islands soon so we will come back to a few.

Driving off the beaten path on gravel roads.

Then we found this beach called Xanemos which is located on a beautiful and serene bay at the end of Skiathos Airport's airstrip. The beach was stunning from our viewpoint! We have found "the" beach of the day! So off we went down for some needed relaxation at the beach.

This is the landing strip of Skiathos Airport, just behind Xanemos Beach.

Dutchman and moi on the familiar Greek gravel road with olive trees on the roadside.

There is a cafe restaurant that owns these beach pretty wicker parasols. Basically, you can rent them with 2 lounge chairs each. But because the taverna barely offered the lounge chairs and there was no music, we didn't go ahead with renting. We just camped on the beach with our beach towels and toes in the sand just like what the others did.

This is quite a pretty beach and very high potential especially during high season, only if the owner of the cafe restaurant and the parasols would do something with the place, i.e. pimp up the taverna, add some music, put the lounge chairs on the beach, get some waiters serving, etc.

Just chilling on the beach after the scooter ride.

Who else? None other than moi.

We also checked the other beach in the north called Aselinos Beach.

We noticed that the northern part of Skiathos has fewer tourism developments (fewer hotels and restaurants, fewer roads and tourism infrastructure). We were not that fond of Aselinos Beach so we didn't really stay longer. We got off the scooter, walked on the beach a bit, sniffed around, and we left.

Not all places have their charm. That's life.

Travel Period: July 2017
Destination: Skiathos (North and West), Sporades Islands, Greece

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