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Greek Holiday: Boat Trip to Skopelos Island

Skopelos Island (Sporades), Greece
Travel Period: June 2017

Back in the summer of 2017, Dutchman and I holidayed in Skiathos which is part of the Sporades group of islands in the Greek Aegean Sea. We mostly spent our holiday in Skiathos but also did little trips to the nearby islands.

One of the trips we did is a boat excursion to Skopelos and Alonissos Islands.

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The trip was a whole day affair and our first stop is Skopelos Island.

The main town of Skopelos of the same name is full of character and very picturesque. As we approached the harbour, people went out to the front part of the boat to get a panoramic view of the town. We haven't stepped on the island yet but Dutchman and I were quite happy to have made this trip.

For the most part of our time in Skopelos, we spent it walking around, climbing steps, admiring the views and taking pictures. Just like everybody else I guess.

This post is really about the pictures we took during our visit.

Skopelos is also largely known, among the tourists, as the Mamma Mia! Island. The movie musical was filmed in Skiathos and Skopelos islands. In fact, one of the stops we have in the boat excursion is the church on top of the rock on Agios Ioannis which is a very famous Mamma Mia! scene.

To be honest, I haven't seen the Mamma Mia! movie so I don't really care much about it. Dutchman and I have been smitten with the Greek Islands so there's no need for movie production introductions.

There were so many churches in Skopelos and some of them were small and very scenic, often having a bell tower or a dome, they contribute as a pretty picture backdrop. I have lost count on the number of chapels and churches here!

There are 2 lovely cafes I can recommend in Skopelos.

The first one is Cafe Bar Thalassa located in the back part of the town, just behind the series of churches (with a dome) along the cliff after a short climb. The cafe has a colourful seating area. I was about to take a seat here when Dutchman stopped me. He eyed another cafe with promises of views of the harbour.

The second cafe is the Vrachos Cafe Bar and indeed this cafe has the best views of the island. It is beautiful here. We ordered our usual local drink, a chilled Greek frappe. We sat down and relaxed, enjoying the rest of our time on the island with our view down below, the harbour and the busy boulevard.

Cafe Bar Thalassa.

Vrachos Bar Cafe and the stunning views.

Our boat for this excursion.

We could not help but eavesdrop on these two little people. The girls were very young, perhaps between 10 and 12 years old. What caught our attention was how grown-up they behaved. The girls seemed to have just done shopping, as evidenced by the shopping bags. So they are now having a mini cafe break and having a chit chat, a girls outing, you know like what adult women do. #SATC

I did wonder where they went after.... maybe back to their parents, hopefully behaving like kids.

So we are now back on the boat and it is leaving Skopelos Island. We will be sailing towards the south en route to Alonissos. Bye for now Skopelos!

Dutchman and I did go back to Skopelos on our own, to a different part of the island, but that will be another post.

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