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New Zealand Roadtrip: Waking up in Lake Okareka and Travelling to LakeTaupo

Lake Okareka
Rotorua, Bay of Plenty Region
North Island, New Zealand
Travel Period: May 2018

In Rotorua, we camped the night in Lake Okareka DOC campsite and this is our view the next day early in the morning. Isn't it beautiful?

The natural beauty in these pictures is the reason why I wanted to visit New Zealand. The countryside is raw, pristine and stunning.

This place was one of the best places I have woken up to in the New Zealand road trip. I couldn't get enough of the natural beauty and serenity. It made my heart swell with joy and contentment. That's what nature does to your whole system.

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So we found this campsite online. SisterJ checked the camping DOC sites and this was the recommended one for Rotorua. We checked the location and it was just 15 minutes to the Rotorua city center.

This is as you enter the campsite from the road...

The hut with an information bulletin.

Waking up to this view!

I am a morning person actually, although I can morph easily into an owl and stay up the whole evening to dawn. But I tend to wake up early, especially when I am travelling.

So I woke up early while sisterJ and Myrhh were still sleeping. They slept on the top part of the campervan while I below, so I could freely do my own stuff discretely without waking them up. I went ahead and set up the camping table and chairs outside.

For breakfast, we will be eating fresh fruits and empanadas we bought the evening before at the Night Market in Rotorua. I was getting really hungry and didn't want to wait any longer, so I started eating half of the pie, hehe.

We paid extra for these camping chairs and table. It was worth it.

There were a lot of birds tweeting that morning. I woke up to them singing me a tweety song.

Our juicy campervan. 

Taking a group picture and staring at the sun without sunglasses.

Ok, so take two, please! Now with the sunglasses =)

After we had our breakfast we packed up and were on the road again. Our direction is Lake Taupo, an hour and fifteen minutes from Rotorua where we plan to explore the place a bit and perhaps have lunch as well.

We did not have real plans set on stone, we were spontaneous, giving ourselves some freedom to change anything in the itinerary. In hindsight, perhaps we were too spontaneous.

There are many ways to reach Lake Taupo from Rotorua.

Some of the scenes on the road to Lake Taupo...

New Zealand drives on the other side of the road.

My sister, our formidable chauffeur during this entire road trip.

New Zealand cows.... making the country famous for its dairy.

We drove behind a Stingy Corvette.

Lake Taupo
Taupo District, Waikato Region
North Island, New Zealand

Then we arrived at Lake Taupo!

We drove around to see a place where we could hang out. We were actually looking for a nice cafe place but as we drove around town, we couldn't find anything. That was a bit strange.

Then we pass by this park on the lake and decided to drive back and park. We wanted to regroup and plan for our next stop. We were not feeling Lake Taupo that much but wanted to stay at this park for a bit. It is also a good excuse to stretch a bit in preparation for the next long drive.

As we were enjoying the view whilst googling our route and the places where we can stop and spend the night over, we heard some noises down the road. We looked out the window and saw young guys throwing soda cans and bottles on the ground. There was litter. They were quite aggressive and we were not sure if they were under influence (read: alcohol and/or drugs).

The old ladies sitting in the picnic table scurried back to their car and drove away. The noises and aggression increase, so we knew it was time for us to leave asap as well!

We had a nice area to park beside a table and some benches, but this was shortlived.

We saw some paragliding activity in the skies... it was quite a sight because there were quite a number of them falling down the skies in colourful balloons.

Paragliding in Lake Taupo.

They were tandem paragliders.

We hit back the road and drove to our next destaintaion: Napier and Castlepoint on the east coast!

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