Sunday, May 10, 2020

Pre-Summer Preview at Home in Utrecht

We've had great weather this weekend except for today's Sunday. It is 16C outside with grey skies, periodic scattered rain showers, and there is a very strong wind blowing. There's a little windstorm going on.

Friday and Saturday were great pre-summer preview days for us. Especially yesterday Saturday when temperatures reached 25C.

We marked the occasion with our first bubbles for the year to celebrate good weather and a warm day to chill in our own garden terrace. We are very much looking forward to having more of this in the coming days and weeks.

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Oh, I cannot wait for the real summer to kick in really. I am so in the mood to just lounge in our garden terrace after work hours and on the weekends. Read a book, surf the internet, take a nap, have our brunch and dinner meals (barbecue!), and lots of 'proosting' . When the evening comes, which is usually very late -- in June, sundown is almost 11pm (23:00) -- I can then light some candles and make the place cosy and lovely.

Yes, the last 2 days were indeed a summer preview. The realisation dawned on me that I really love being and staying at home. And if I must say, working from home as well!

This is my new workspace =)

I only go up to the workroom if I have a call where I need to participate and talk. If I am in a call and I just listen in, I prefer to do it here on the terrace.

We have been having our lunches outside and this was last Friday. Beef carpaccio on a bed of greens with cucumber, radish, vine tomatoes, pine nuts, Parmigiano Reggiano, and heaps of dressing which is a secret recipe. I had some leftovers from last night's dinner in the tinfoil, grilled cauliflower. Ugh, we badly need to buy a new and bigger outdoor dining table.

So Saturday, we started the day a bit earlier than usual and we had an early brunch in the garden terrace. I didn't take a picture of it though but took a picture instead of the new throw pillow I bought. It's Queen Elizabeth I of England. Isn't it very catchy? I think the pillow works well with the lounge set and the whole terrace colour theme. I needed a print contrast to go with the anthracite and grey tones. I may need to buy a bigger inner pillow to make it plumper as well.

An hour later we had our second coffee. Second for the Dutchman and first for me since I had tea for breakfast. Towards mid-afternoon, I prepared some Greek yogurt with blueberries, honey, and muesli for a snack. We devoured it quickly before I could have thoughts of taking a picture of it.

As chill as it gets, we are just hanging out here. Mind you, we love chilling, with lounge music of course in the background. We bought 2 Sonos speakers last year, 1 for the living room, and the other for the dining and kitchen. Sonos is fantastic! We are so very happy with the purchases. Before Sonos, we were thinking of complex and expensive acoustic solutions. Here, we are listening to Beach Chill Out Lounge Music. The Sonos speaker (not seen) is sitting on the kitchen island.

Then Dutchman and I decided to check out the nearby lake to see what it is like there on this beautiful warm day. It is the first really warm day in the country, and we could see from the window many people on the beach area.

The country has just slowly gotten out from our semi-lockdown due to Covid19 and I can understand that people were very much looking forward to this warm day. For many of them, it is a day to spend outside, in the outdoors, in recreation parks and lakes like this.

We were greeted with these scenes:

We could see that people were practicing social distancing, but mainly from family to family. The teeners, however, were not and I am sure they will always reason out that they are less susceptible to the virus. *sigh*

We bumped into our back neighbour who was also at the lake beach with her family. We chatted about spending the summer holiday at home. With the lake beach in your backyard, what could you ask for more, she said. We didn't stay long as the Dutchman was keen to continue chilling out in private at our garden terrace.

Back at home, we opened a bottle of sparkling and sat back while the Dutchman was plane watching.

We deliberated about our usual and yearly Greek summer holiday. I have to admit that we worry a bit about travelling on the plane. There will be for sure more risk contracting the virus, there are also talks about quarantine upon arrival, and what about the holiday mood in the holiday destination? How will beaches, cafes, shops, restaurants, and outdoor places look like in the Greek Islands with social distancing? There are still so many uncertainties.

So we focus on enjoying the rest of the warm day. I made dinner of grilled burger, grilled vegetables of asparagus, onions, and tomatoes, and I boiled some macaroni to go with the Mexican leftover sauce I had the other night. I am very prudent in the kitchen and I guess in many ways, making sure very little would go to waste.

More plane watching for the Dutchman while I am attending to home chores which surprisingly I am really liking a lot. I have so many home projects in the pipeline and will be documenting them here in the blog for posterity's sake.

The day ended beautifully and we were contented. I wish there will be warmer days like this.

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