Thursday, July 30, 2020

Our First Day and Evening in Valletta, Malta

Travel Period: November 2018
Destination: Malta

Malta is one of the small countries in the world, I believe it ranks the 10th! 

I have been wanting to visit Malta for some time and finally took the flight to Valletta and met with a very good friend there from Las Vegas, who I would like to call in the blog, Delphi. Delphi is an old friend from school. We have managed to be in touch after all these years and I have even visited her in Nevada many years ago. We now have become travel buddies and are eyeing some countries to visit together, hopefully after this Covid-19 crisis.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Oud Zuilen, Netherlands: Slot Zuylen (Zuylen Castle) + Dinner at Bistro Belle

Visit Period: March 2019
Location: Oud Zuilen, Utrecht, Netherlands

There were a few international colleagues in town and being the assigned entertainer, sometimes self-appointed because no one else will do the honours anyway, I took them out for dinner.

I have been here at Bistro Belle a while back with the Dutchman, however, it was on an afternoon. We had some tea and delicious apple pie. So I thought that it's not a bad idea at all to come back for dinner.

The restaurant is named after Belle van Zuylen, a famous writer in the 18th century who lives with her family in the castle just behind the restaurant, Slot Zuylen. 

What I love about restaurants in villages and small towns, or anything outside the city, is that parking is always easy to find. In most cases, there will be designated parking spaces and they are usually free. I parked the car right across the castle so my colleagues can enjoy the lovely architecture and the green scenery before we wander around a bit in the tiny village and have our dinner at the restaurant.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Officially Midlife at 50

Happy birthday to me! Right, I have turned the page and entered the midlife stage last June. I am now part of the 50 youngins :)

In observance of Covid19 and to make my life easier in preparing the food, I did a 2-day celebration for the family. Nothing fancy and big really. I tend to shy away from parties and crowds so I made this as a small, cosy and family-only event. 

Saturday was a barbecue dinner and Sunday a long lazy lunch. The weather was on our side, which was awesome, so quite happy with it as I was already ready to do a raincheck a week later if the weather acts up.

50 is a big number but I do not feel 50 at all, although, sometimes I wish I do.

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