Monday, October 12, 2020

Mini Break in Hilly Zuid Limburg, Netherlands

 I am not sure what to make out of this extended Covid-19 status quo. There are times when I am feeling very serene and thankful. Other times, totally stressed out. It is mostly about work stuff really, and all this uncertainty eating up the business and economy.

A mini-break was all that we needed to refresh our spirits but with the Covid-19 backlash, we didn't have choices of holiday destinations to pick on. We initially wanted to go to the Eifel (National Park) or the Ahr Valley (Red Wine Trail) in Germany, but unfortunately, Germany is requiring a negative Covid-19 test valid for 48 hours upon entry, that is if checked. Too much hassle, we can't be bothered.

I looked into the northern Wadden Islands but most of the accommodations were already booked for the fall holidays. I mean seriously, people are holidaying during Covid-times but within their own countries. It has resonated that we can't continue the hibernation or else we go cranky and kooky. So I looked further looked inland, and even farther down south of the country, and voila! This was when I discovered Zuid Limburg.

What took me so long to discover this piece of paradise? 

I have been living in the Netherlands for 18+ years now and it's my first time to be here. Well, it is the first time for the Dutchman, too! What could have been worse? Haha. Wow, this beautiful place was just right under our noses the whole time... 

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Zuid Limburg is also known as Heuvelland, which in English means, "Hill Country" or shall I say, "(Rolling) Hilly Countryside". It's like the Netherlands having a piece of Tuscany and Alsace here, just a smaller scale and in Dutch-style. 

I will blog the rest of our 4-day mini-break next time but would like to post a few pictures for now.

The village of Epen where we stayed.

We hiked a 6-7 kilometer trail on our first day through farm fields and rolling hills.

These half-timbered "German-style" houses are predominant in Zuid Limburg.

Beer and bitterballen (croquette) after a well-deserving hike.

Some houses have little unmanned stores. It's all based on trust. Pick a jam and leave the exact money behind.

You might wonder why a picture of a parking lot? Well, this is the view from our hotel room window, hehe. You can see in the back the valleys. Hiking trails go through here.

We visited the American Military Cemetery in Margraten.

Large (farm) houses in Zuid Limburg has this port entrance that leads into an inner courtyard. This is typical in the region.

On our last night we went to a local event called Wijn Restaurant op Het Land which is a fine-dining pop-up restaurant set in the middle of a vineyard plantation.

More pictures soon!

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