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Valletta, Malta: Breakfast at Caffe Cordina and Visit to the Grandmaster's Palace

Travel Period: November 2018
Destination:Valletta, Malta

On our third day in Malta, we had breakfast at the famous Caffe Cordina, an old institution in Malta going back to 1837. After breakfast, we visited the beautiful Grandmaster's Palace.

The Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta.

Caffe Cordina established in 1837 and still going strong.

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My friend Delphi and I made the conscious decision to not take our breakfasts at the hotel. Not only they are a tad expensive, but not doing so allowed us to experience the beautiful cafes in Valletta and to discover some of the local breakfast and snack foods. 

I found Caffe Cordina in one of my random online searches. The cafe dates back to 1837. This cafe is 183 years old!

Check out some of the interior photos I took:

The flooring is marble and the interior details are gilded in gold, which looked a bit kitschy but still charming though. There is a spiral staircase leading to the above floor, which was off-limits for guests. I managed to wander up there when I saw the sign and quickly hurried back down. 

The walls have wood paneling and mirrors, and the ceilings were gifted with a few frescoes here and there in the renaissance-style depiction of people and children. Very interesting.

For my breakfast, I went local all the way and chose an Arancina (Norma). Or was it a Bombette? These cones and balls looked so intriguing, I was wondering if they are as savoury as they look.

The cafe also has its own patisserie and there is enough variety to choose from. But no sugary pastry in the morning for me. I prefer a savoury breakfast to a sweet one.

Voila - our Maltese breakfast! 

Well, Delphi chose a much safer option in the name of the chocolate croissant and a grilled sandwich. While I have the Arancina, and if I am not wrong, an Irish Coffee (with whiskey!). Having a real good kick to start my day.

My Maltese breakfast is a deep-fried dough with meat, spinach, and vegetable filling. I believe this was an Arancina, but it could be a Bombette as well.

After breakfast we walked over to the Grandmaster's Palace which is just across the street on Republica on St. George's Square. It was very convenient. Our Valletta Card gives us free access to a number of places and museums, including the Grandmaster's Palace.

We first had a souvenir picture in the courtyard.

The Grandmaster's Palace was built between the 16th and 18 centuries. The area of the palace available for public viewing is not that big. Basically, it is just 1 wing of the building showcase with several renovated period rooms. I have expected more actually, but given what was exhibited, I have to admit it served its purpose in showing grand examples of Malta's art and architecture. I especially love the stunning paintings on the hallway's ceiling. They are incredible. And not to forget the medieval-chic chandeliers, too, they were simply amazing.

More pictures!

The chandelier I love, very medieval chic.

This is the outdoor courtyard of the palace. It is quite small. We didn't really see any flowers, perhaps because we are late into the autumn season, but this place would have been pretty with blossoms.

We also checked the area around the palace and I managed to take a few shots of some of the interesting local structures, doors, windows, balconies et al. See them below.

Afterwhich we returned back to our hotel and took the rental car for a spin. We will be road-tripping.

The window and balcony scene in Valletta.

Don't miss my next post on our road trip in Malta!

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