Sunday, October 17, 2004

Flashback Foto's in Early 2000

These foto's are already 4 years old! (I was 30 that time)

I feel cute, hahaha! Pa-sweet is not me, bitch be it *LOL*. Dutchman actually do not like this foto. I guess it's too sweet for him.

Up close... darn, I have such a huge face back then!

Makati working girl. The foto Dutchman fell in love with. Well one of the foto's... hehe.

How I look now at 34, 4 years later (taken this year, several months ago). Feeling and looking old, er MATURED...


  1. looking good!! i hope i catch you on chat one of these days! nawawala ka!

  2. My favorite is the close-up fresh...


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