Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I am back in the Flatlands!

It is very very strange but I felt like I am home...

My plane landed this morning Wednesday before 7am and I was home before 9am. The Dutchman was at the door when I arrived ready to leave for work. The first thing that came out from his mouth when he saw me was (he actually screamed), “Your hair is red!

And would you believe I survived the jetlag and I´m at work now typing this entry? (I was at work 11:30am!)

In the coming days, I will write my 1 Week Business Travelogues in the Philippines… from the baggage limit problem at Schiphol airport before departure; to the maniacal cab cruise along EDSA in Manila, my Dutch colleague actually thought the driver planned to murder us(!); juggling 6 business meetings in a day and bustling to and fro Ortigas - Makati route in unadulterated traffic plus pollution; meeting and dining customers till 22:30 (10:30pm); the change of atmosphere when we touched down in unhurried Cebu, our last leg in this strenuous business trip; and the interesting people I met during the flight back to the flatlands.


  1. hey, welcome back!!! strange, know what, i felt the same way when i was finally back here. i really appreciated our appt since then. sipag mo naman, back to work kagad. hope to read more from u soon..

  2. welcome back! hey, check ur email!

  3. ana,

    oo masipag talaga ako hahaha! kunwari *wink*. hm, i guess most of us who now lived in another country and have our own lives have the same feeling. dont you think? But im sure the feeling will be different if you're not working or not busy. btw, i linked u!


    yeah got it! mag email pala ako ulit sa yo re: pinoyexpats. i also want to to link it here, fyi.


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