Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sparen = Saving

How much do you save? Or do you save any at all?

Realistically speaking, we can only save what is left after expenses, right? Which brings me to the next point, how do we actually qualify and quantify our expenses? Are they needs or wants? Or worse, are we that extravagant that we have almost become a poverty statistic? I guess some are already without them knowing it.

Many people are duped into thinking that they have money because they can spend… but in fact they are living a life of deceit, a life based on credit lies. What’s piteous is more and more financial institutions sustained their existence through the profits leeched out from these sorry individuals. Don’t you just hate those spam emails offering credit to people who are already half dead, almost drowned on credit? Hah, the perfect solution: a buy-out of your credit!

Crucial question: “What is your attitude towards saving, towards the future…. and towards money?”

Ideally, a sound individual can save 20%-50% from his/her net income. Achieving the 50% mark or higher is self-discipline by identifying --what can be done without.

It also takes a lot of maturity not to succumb into the -competing with the Joneses- otherwise you will wake up one day or everyday (?) with a red account for breakfast. What you have actually bought for yourself, where in reality you can’t really afford, is therefore short lived, and thus, very irresponsible.

So another question: “How does one become financially responsible?”

Let us take a look at the frugal Dutch as an example...

The gemiddeld (average) Dutch family has at least € 25,000 (US$ 31,000) in their bank account. The gemiddeld Dutch individual saves at least € 300 to € 500 a month. Do you think that's enough or too low? These by the way the average working class, holding blue collar jobs. The white collar experienced professionals puts in more of course.

But I noticed, the new generation (20+ year olds) are saving less, are spending more and using credit. Times indeed have changed.


  1. nice blog and nice pics. did you take them yourself (the pics i mean)? made me ashamed of my own senseless blog :(

  2. hi amie, welcome to my web world :-) i will share to u a secret: i stole those pics on the net! lolz! well except for my personal pics. but im buying soon a digicam so i can take more pics and post here.


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