Friday, August 26, 2005

An act of nature

I love thunderstorms. I love it when it’s raining hard, but only at “night”.

Last night I couldn’t sleep because I was listening to the heavy deluge of rain. With the melodious taps and splashes on the roof and on the windows, I kept still, under the sheet covers... all senses alert and relished this wonderful act of nature.

But my favorite of all is hearing the rumbling sound of the rain coming. It brings me fresh memories of my childhood days during monsoon season in the Philippines. I can only take pleasure from those memories now as I drink a warm cup of coffee, at night, whilst watching the heavy downpour outside.

Next time I better send a message to the gods of Dutch weather that if they plan of sending heavy rain along our way, that they better make it before bed time!

Leaves have also started to fall today and it’s the first time I noticed that some of the trees have changed its colors to yellow and orange.

My favorite season has come: Autumn

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